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Why the Nook is Worth Waiting For

Want a Nook but wonder if it's worth the wait? January 11 is not such a long delay for the year's hottest gift--that isn't a robotic hamster.

Arrington's CrunchPad, Dead Before Arrival

Michael Arrington's much touted web tablet has become toast, albeit crunchy toast, caught in a fight amongst entrepreneurs and investors.

Apple Says No to the Droid's Red Glow

Want the Droid's signature red glow to spruce up your iPhone? Apple won't let you have it.

Walmart's Black Friday Rip-off

Customers arrived at 5 a.m. to find $198 laptops had all been assigned the day before to people who called the store, never mentioned in ads.

Four Years Not Enough for "Godfather of Spam"

Spam costs every American--every one of us--over $13-a-year each, $42 billion in all, and that's just what business pays. And that doesn't include the criminals' take.

Will Chrome Breed Copycats? Internet Explorer OS, Anyone?

Chrome OS is a dangerous product for Microsoft, to which the company needs to respond. Internet Explorer OS, anyone? Aand how about a Firefox OS and even Opera OS? This is a game every browser can play.

Does Second-Hand Smoke Really Void Apple's Warranty?

There are excellent reasons not to smoke cigarettes. And there are also stupid reasons, like Apple's claim that cigarette smoke can void its warranty. Really.

Will Chrome OS Lead to More Powerful Win7 Netbooks?

Netbooks running Windows 7 could perform better, but Microsoft won't let them. With Chrome OS coming, Redmond may lose its ability to cripple low-cost portables.

Brin: Two Google Operating Systems May Become One

Google co-founder says Chrome and Android could someday become a single OS. Chrome browser plus Android OS equals... Android.

Sold-out! Grinch Steals Nook Christmas

No, Virginia, there is no Nook for Christmas. Shortage means you are more likely to find Santa Claus than a Nook e-reader under this year's Christmas tree.

Got Extra USB Drives? Updated Pogoplug Puts Them to Use

$129 hardware device turns USB hard drives into an Internet storage cloud for multimedia and data.

Google's Chrome OS: What's in it for Microsoft?

It doesn't have to be war. Chrome OS is something Microsoft can actually benefit from, if only it will relax and see the opportunities the new OS offers everyone.

New AT&T TV Ad More Misleading Than Verizon's Claims

The Luke Wilson commercial promotes the iPhone, but doesn't name it, then tries to sell Samsung handsets. Talk about halo effect!

Apple Tablet: It'll Shine When It Shines

There is more speculation about Apple's supposed tablet computer today. Is it dead? Alive? Somewhere in between? Only Steve knows, and he's not telling.

Setback For AT&T in Suit Over Verizon Ads

Tired of a competitor hauling you into court over your TV ads? Turns out there’s a judge for that. Who on Wednesday denied AT&T’s request for an injunction against ads featuring Verizon’s red and blue 3G coverage maps.