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Ahead of Chrome OS: 5 Questions and Concerns

As Google prepares for tomorrow's Chrome OS event, inquiring minds wonder how the new operating system will play in a Microsoft-dominated world.

5 Reasons Why Google Should Not Sell Handsets

Why would Google do this when it doesn't have to and is likely counterproductive?

Nokia Ousts Symbian OS From High-End Handsets

It may be world leader in handsets, but Nokia has no iPhone or Android.

Top Word of 2009: Unfriend, But Twitterisms Abound

Runners-up: Hashtag, sexting, netbook, intexticated, paywall.

Twitter Caves to Political Pressure, Will Kill Suggested Users List

When Republicans weren't on the list, people noticed. But, changing the list may not help.

Google Sites Gets Dozens of Templates

Project sites, intranets, and team pages are now easier for business users to create--for free.

Does It Make Sense for Nokia to Buy Palm?

Should one company that has trouble selling smartphones buy another?

New Google SafeSearch Shows When Kids Are Protected

Four colored balls tell parents their children are protected while searching on Google.

Palm: Survival of the Weakest?

Developers are voting, and they are not voting for Palm.

Age of Android: More Than Just The Droid

Google's operating system is for more than "just" smartphones.

Google Chrome OS: A Nice Place to Visit, But?

Google's new OS, rumored to be released next week, could turn operating systems inside-out. But will it?

The New Google Latitude, More Useful And A Tad Creepy

Latitude can now keep track of where you've been and alert you when friends are nearby.

Samsung's New Smartphone OS: It's Bada News

Another smartphone OS, just what the world needs. And from Samsung, world leader in, what?

Can Firefox Last Five More Years? Forecast: Cloudy

The biggest danger to Firefox, as it enters its second half-decade, is the changing role of browsers, from surfing the Internet to running applications.

Google's Free Holiday Wi-Fi Beats Airport Grinches

Google is providing free Wi-Fi at 47 U.S. airports until Jan. 15. The deal makes Google look good and airports bad.