Firefox: Five Years In The Open Source Hen House

Wasn't open source supposed to be the next big thing? Firefox was, but the open source fizzled.

No Droid For Me, iPhone Is The PC Of Smartphones

I have decided to hold onto my iPhone, for now anyway. Why? Because the iPhone is the PC of smartphones--in the good sense of what a "PC" represents.

eBay Reaches Deal With Skype Founders, Your Gabbing Is Safe

Skype users can breathe easier, now that one of technology's greatest business blunders has been fixed. The outside chance of a Skype service disruption has gone away.

Could Steve Jobs, "CEO of the Decade," Run Your Company?

If we measure greatness by overall ability, that is the ability to run a company as one finds it and leave it for someone else, Jobs fails.


Droid vs. iPhone: Which Revolution Should You Join?

Advice for the first time smartphone buyer: iPhone is the safer choice, Droid the better one for some users.

Study: Internet Users Aren't Isolated (Thank Facebook)

Internet users are not as isolated as sociologists thought. A new study finds the Internet broadens our social circle, and Facebook gets particular credit.

Tethering: Droid Gets A Date, iPhone Still MIA

Verizon's Droid gets tethering in "early 2010" while the iPhone is still waiting for a from AT&T

Verizon To Double Wireless Early Termination Fee

New charge, $350, applies to "advanced devices," a term that sounds awful Droid-y.

Verizon Lawsuit Makes AT&T The Villain, Again

AT&T needs to build out its 3G network or take the abuse that comes from not doing so. Once again, AT&T looks like a villain to its customers.

Sony Ericsson's First Android Handset, Why Now?

Beleaguered Sony Ericsson must need good news more than sales, why else would it introduce the Android-based X10 just in time to hurt holiday sales of its current high-end handset!

It's The First Twitter-Only Mobile Device, But Why?

We know why it's first--but why does the TwitterPeek need to exist at all?

Microsoft Price Cut Goes After Google Apps

The drop from $10-a-month to $5 for Exchange Online lowers the annual cost to $60-per-user. That compares $50-per-user-per-year for the paid version of Google Apps.

How Many People Have Really 'Gone Google'?

Only Google knows and they aren't being very specific, as suits their purpose.

Droid Beats Pre, iPhone Beats Droid--For Now

Motorola's Droid has a tough game of catch-up to play, but not as tough as what faces Palm's Pre as both challenge iPhone.

Sprint Netbook Isn't The Deal It May Seem

Buyerss end up with a powerful, if pricey, Internet connection permanently tied to an under-powered portable computer