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Chrome Browser Beta Adds Translation, Improves Privacy

A new beta of Chrome 4.1 for Windows now offers to translate pages not in the user's home language and provides privacy settings on a per-site basis.

For Business' Sake, Yelp Needs New Owners

The only way to improve review site Yelp's credibility is to change its business model or its ownership. Businesses would benefit.

Ubuntu Linux Now Available to Fed Customers on GSA Advantage

Ubuntu becomes the third Linux, along with Novell and Red Hat, available to U.S. government purchasers.

Bloom Energy: What We Know, What We Don't

The announcement of the Bloom Energy Server has caught the world's attention, but there are many questions that remain to be answered, and some will take time.

Antitrust is Google's Mark of Success

Google is at the beginning of what might become an EU antitrust investigation that could eventually hurt the company's ability to compete in areas where it is far from dominant.

How Much Bandwidth is Enough?

As the U.S. considers a national broadband plan, an important question looms: How much bandwidth do we really need?

Why Palm Can't Be Saved

Sometimes a company can get everything almost right and still fail. Even with good hardware and support from Verizon and Sprint, Palm's future looks dimmer every day.

FCC Study Underscores Need for Broader Broadband

35% of Americans lack broadband access, and that's just bad for business. Let's get the whole country online.

Why I'm Bullish on Bloom Energy

With exciting technology and A-list investors, this company may be just what the world, and Silicon Valley, needs.

Sprint To Usher In the Year of 4G Wireless

At up to 10x the speed of 3G, new 4G wireless is a tool businesses can't afford to miss. Sprint is in the lead for now, and says 2010 will be "the year of 4G."

Google Remorse and the Buzz Privacy Backlash

Many people have had their fill of Google and are looking for other options. How can Google stop the defections? Here are some ideas.

Microsoft Unfairly Blasted for Charging for Windows Phone OS

Some have questioned Microsoft's plan to continue charging when other smartphone operating systems are free. Steve Ballmer's response: "We build something. We sell that thing."

Windows Phone 7 Pits Microsoft Against Carriers and Smartphone Makers

Microsoft's new smartphone OS appears to leave few ways for carriers and manufacturers to add value. Will they accept becoming commodity players or seek to dilute Microsoft's vision?

Windows Phone 7 Spotlights SharePoint Collaboration

SharePoint, a product unknown to many, is key to the new smartphone Business Hub. Google, however, could match Microsoft's effort.

Is Windows Phone 7 Right For Business?

Can such a dazzling user interface be effective for business users? Or will consumer features and glitz get in the way? We can't tell from what Microsoft has shown.