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Correction to 'Windows Phone 7 Series: Serious Enough for Work?'

Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 Series software is already getting plenty of attention in the consumer press — so let's dig a little deeper to explore its potential business features.

Google Apologizes for Buzz Privacy Issues

Buzz will no longer automatically connect users based on their e-mail and chat usage, and Google says it's sorry "for the concern we've caused."

Buzz: Google Needs Better "People Skills"

Google's inability to deal with people issues, like privacy and support, makes the company look technically sophisticated but socially inept.

Google Buzz Not Ready for Paying Customers, Are We Concerned?

If Google's new Buzz isn't ready for enterprise users' private social networks, is it really ready for anyone?

Microsoft Ends War on Macintosh with Office 2011

The new Mac Office replaces the much-despised Entourage with a real version of Microsoft Outlook. Business Mac users rejoice!

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Beating Google Buzz, 10 Tips for Facebook

Facebook has both its own problems and a new challenge from Google. Here's how the #1 social network should respond.

Five Reasons to Love Google Buzz, Five Reasons Not

Buzz is exciting but has its downside, such as the Gmail user interface. Facebook is the incumbent and has a downside, too: It's Facebook, love it or not.

Google to Launch Super-Fast Gigabit Networks

Google plans to test fiber-to-the-home broadband for up to a half-million Americans. Up to 100 times faster than current broadband.

Facebook Must Tell Google to Buzz-Off (Or Else)

If Facebook is ever connected to Google Buzz, it will be the beginning of the end for Facebook. Today's #1 social network should protect itself--and it's users--from being Buzz-ed into submission.

Buzz Reveals Google's Split Personality

Google's new Buzz is the latest example of a company that still treats consumers and business users as different people, even when they are one and the same.

Apple iPad Price Cut: Blunder or Brilliance?

Is Apple really planning to cut the price of its iPad tablet? We don't know, but one thing is sure: Apple should take price action before sales begin, not after.

iPad's Best Innovation? No-Contract Wireless

iPad customers will purchase their 3G wireless service direct from Apple, with no contract required. This is a great idea that needs to spread.

Why e-Books Must Cost More

If e-books are to successfully replace paper, it won't happen at Amazon's $9.99 e-book pricing. Thank Steve Jobs for opening the door to higher prices.

Facebook Dumps Microsoft Ads, Keeps Sleazy Advertisers

Ever noticed how many trashy ads appear on Facebook? Would you want your company's ad in among them?

Apple's Bans Go Way Too Far

Apple seems to be able to get away with things that Microsoft, at its worst, never dreamed of.