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Time to Rethink Google Books?

It is a great idea, but runs against the law. Maybe it's time to rethink Google Books as the search engine meets its match.

iPad Study: The More You Know, The Less You Want One

Retrevo study finds people liked the iPad more before it was introduced than after. But, are we being too hard on the new device?

Is Chinese PC Hardware Safe and Secure?

We must count on manufacturers, working with government, to protect us, short a specific reason for concern.

Google and the NSA: Necessary Allies

We are at war and business data centers are the battlefield. It seems only natural that Google and the NSA should be developing a defense. Who better to protect us? And we need to be able to play both defense and offense.

Hey, Google! Why No Multitouch for the Droid?

Google seems to be intent on fragmenting the Android platform. Steve Jobs should rejoice.

Google Apps More IT-Friendly, Get New Mobile Features

Administrators can now enforce password requirements and remotely wipe data from mobile devices, including the iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Nokia E-series smartphones.

Oracle-Sun Merger Could Benefit Small Business

Cautious optimism were the watchwords as Oracle this week completed its purchase of Sun Microsystems. Both MySQL and OpenOffice have survived, for now.

Windows 7 On an iPad? Yes You Can

New virtualization software from Citrix will place a Windows 7 desktop on Apple's new iPad tablet.

Six Reasons You Want an iPad, Six Reasons You Don't

If you are undecided on buying an iPad, here are reasons both pro and con. And since it doesn't ship until March, you have a while to go back-and-forth.

Apple iPad is Just Another DOA

What do Apple's iPad and Google's Nexus One have in common? Both were DOA: Disappointing On Arrival.

Why the iPad Isn't Ready for the Office

Apple's iPad is an entertainment device, not an obvious business tool. Here are the Pros and Cons of using an iPad at work.

Loss of Copper Infrastructure Threatens Small Business Broadband

The loss of existing copper wiring--once the foundation of America's telecommunications infrastructure--could threaten small businesses' access to broadband.

Pope2you: What the Pontiff Knows About Social Networks

Pope Benedict leads a global religion, yet his priestly advice on social networking works for enterprises of all types.

Apple Tablet: Just Something Else to Carry

Will an Apple tablet do something useful or is it just one more thing to carry? If it won't replace a notebook, what good it it?

How to Save on Microsoft Business Software

Discounts of up to 50 percent are available to companies upgrading their Microsoft operating systems and applications, but you have to know where to ask for the savings.