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What Business Can Learn from Gates' New Web Site

Want Bill Gates as a corporate advisor? Care to hear and read his thinking on the big issues? Want to apply his approach to your own business? Then his new site has something for you.

Study: Hacking Passwords Easy As 123456

A new study finds users often pick passwords that are easy-to-remember, and even easier to hack. Here are the most common passwords--and how we can all do better.

Can the New York Times Lead All Newspapers to Salvation?

By announcing its plan to charge for online news a year before it will happen, the Times may be sending a signal to the rest of the newspaper industry to get on board--or die.

Google Docs Desktop App Available Now

Memeo Connect for Google Apps is a desktop application that sync's desktop files with the Google Docs cloud. It helps with file conversions and is available for both Mac and Windows.

Apple Tablet Due Jan. 27, Maybe iPhone 4.0

Apple's tablet appears ready to burst into reality next week, perhaps bringing a new iPhone OS with it. Will Apple use iPhone 4.0 to respond to competitors? Let's hope so.

New York Times' Paid Content Plan Expected Soon

Whatever the Times does will be widely watched--and imitated if successful--by the world's beleaguered newspapers, reeling from advertising revenue lost to the Internet and, especially, to Google.

IBM Intros Notes Apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android

IBM is getting deeper into mobile applications, including collaboration and secure e-mail. BlackBerry is Big Blue's top platform, but Apple and Android win, too.

How To Protect Ourselves from Chinese Cyberwarriors

Users are the first line of defense, and might have stopped the attack. Technology could have done more, if companies had it.

Facebook's Automated Security Fails to Impress

The two companies have gotten way too much publicity for doing something that, in the scheme of things, isn't all that significant.

PC Sales Up, Prices May Follow. Buy Now?

Rising sales of low-margin PCs are good for customers, not-so-good for manufacturers. Now may be the best time to buy in 2010.

Verizon: Future Data Service Will Be Billed "Differently"

Verizon's CTO is the latest to try softening up customers to the idea of usage-based wireless data pricing.

Google's Free File Storage Not Such a Good Deal

While free users pay 25-cents per extra gigabyte of storage, paid Google Apps Premier customers will pay $3.50. Microsoft offers 25GB storage for free.

Google Moves Gmail to More Secure HTTPS Service

The timing of the action is seen as a response to Chinese hacking attempts against the online mail service.

Microsoft's Bach: Linux to Lose Mobile OS Shake-out

Microsoft's mobile boss says 17 Linuxes is too many. But, Windows Mobile is vulnerable, too.

iPhone 4G: What Users Really Want

Business iPhone users want features you'd suspect in their next handset--like a better camera and tethering--but also some surprises.