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Google Could Leave China over Censorship, E-mail Attacks

Google is showing patriotism and guts in standing-up to the Chinese.

Malware: Android Apps Threaten Mobile Security

Google doesn't screen applications posted to the Android Market, expecting customers to report malware as its found. How long can this last?

Found Money: Monetize Your Site with VigLink

Your site or blog may be leaving money on the table, which a new service called VigLink can help you find. No major site changes required.

Support Problems Good Reason to Avoid Nexus One

Though not alone in the low-support world of online services, Google is learning that what works for freebies doesn't cut it for $529 smartphones.

Should Business Wait for the "Enterprise" Nexus One?

The combination of the Nexus One and Google Apps could give small business a powerful reason to invest now. Or wait.

Should Google Buy T-Mobile?

Rather than handset comparisons, should we be thinking about free Googlephones that deliver location-based advertising wherever we roam?

Six Reasons to Not Like Google's Nexus One

Google's new Nexus One smartphone will not be an iPhone killer. It may not even be a Droid killer, but it may be Google's first serious and most public misstep.

Report: No Upgrade Pricing for MS Office 2010

It appears there will be no special, lower-cost "upgrade" versions when Office 2010 launches.

Microsoft Reveals Office 2010 Pricing

The company will now offer a discounted "Product Key Card" as well as a boxed version--but there are important differences.

Report: Apple Buying Mobile Ad Company for $275 Million

Apple is getting into the mobile advertising business, through a rumored purchase of Quattro Wireless for $275 million.

Google: My 10 Resolutions for 2010

2010 is likely to be a more difficult year for Google than 2009. Here are some ways the company can address some issues before they become problems.

Three Ways to Make GPS Navigation Safer for Users

GPS navigation is a wonderful thing, but it can also lead users--most recently a Nevada couple--into potentially deadly situations. Here are three suggestions for better GPS devices.

Should Users Worry About New Cellular Hack?

If you are doing something highly sensitive--or illegal--you may have reason to worry. Most business users still receive "good enough" protection for their calls.

Maybe AT&T Really Should Limit iPhone Sales

Why should AT&T sell something it really can't support terribly well, at least in NY and SF? Perhaps it's time to limit iPhone sales in those markets.

Apple Tablet Could Attract Business Users

Sure, it's a consumer product, but Apple's widely-rumored tablet computer could, finally, popularize the slate form factor for business, too.