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David Daw has studied the history and future of television and has a master's in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University along with a BA in genre fiction from NYU.

How to Make and Publish Movies for Free

Learn how to use free editing software, and the best free audio and video material available, to make and publish your own movies--all without spending a dime.

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Game Designers: Failing Until They Make It

Nobody in the tech industry is perfect, but the Game Developer Conference seems to be the only place anyone can stand to admit it.

3D-Printed Connectors Let Your Lego Bricks Talk to Your K’Nex, Settle Their Differences

A free set of 3D printable models makes 10 different construction toys work together for better building.

Doodle Clock Will Draw the Time For You

Using an Arduino board and a robotic arm, an industrious hacker created a clock that writes out the time in longhand.

Free Friday: Star Wars: The Old Republic, CUBE, and The Stairwell

We take a look at three free games you can play with your weekend off.

The Vibe: 3D Printed iPhone Cases From Your Favorite Songs

A new service from Shapeways will let you create an iPhone case out of your favorite tracks.

Game Developer's Conference 2012 Roundtable on Game On Podcast #8

Another great Game Developer's Conference has come and gone, but Game On contributors Alex Rubens, David Daw, Nate Ralph and Alex Wawro remain to talk about the games we played and the people we met at GDC 2012.

Where Are the Great Location Based Games?

Every major mobile platform has the hardware for location based software, but the dearth of actual compelling games is disheartening.

Upcoming Patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic Adds Loads of New Content

An incoming update to Bioware’s Star Wars MMO adds new dungeons, new zones, and new features for players with a lot of alts.

GDC: Realm of the Mad God Developers Talk Success Amidst Change

How a free to play, “co-op Fantasy MMO Shooter” overhauled their entire game, without shedding fans.

Steam Box: Is Valve Working on a Console?

The rumor mill says Valve Software could launch its own gaming console with biometrics and more.

Assassin’s Creed III To Be Set During the American Revolution

Assassin’s Creed III will see a new series protagonist battling redcoats in Colonial America.

The World’s First Cupcake ATM: The Best New Tech Product of the Year? [Updated]

Forget the iPad 3; the year’s best invention is already here, and it dispenses sweet, diabetes-inducing treats.

Jet Set Radio Skating to the PC and Consoles This Summer

Sega is re-releasing its cult favorite Dreamcast game about skating and graffiti.

The PriNXT: A Working Printer Made From Lego

What were you up to when you were 14 years old? This industrious young hacker managed to build a working printer out of his Lego set.