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David Daw has studied the history and future of television and has a master's in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University along with a BA in genre fiction from NYU.

Ears-on With the Star Wars: The Old Republic Gaming Headset

Razer’s new gaming headset is loaded with features, but it’s probably more than most gamers need.

Hidden File Offers Suggestion for Pirates: Apply for A Job

The developers of Syndicate snuck in a message offering potential pirates a job making games.

Internet of Things Printer Gives You a Stock-Ticker of Tweets

A new printer project available on Adafruit brings a little of the old-school paper feel back to a Web 2.0 world.

3D-Printed Dinosaur Robots Are Coming, Hopefully Won't Scare Small Children

A Team at Drexel University uses robotics and 3D printing to investigate how dinosaurs moved.

The Future of Mobile Gaming on Game On Podcast #7

The Sony PlayStation Vita goes on sale in North America and Europe today, but will it succeed in a handheld gaming market dominated by smartphones and tablets? Tune in to find out as Jason Cross, David Daw, Nate Ralph and Alex Wawro discuss the future of handheld gaming devices in Game On Podcast #7!

A.I. MOTHER Nags You to Take Out the Trash

A hackerspace in Louisville has created a sensor array to make sure the geek chores get done.

Minecraft Developers Creating a Game in One Weekend

Mojang are creating a game in record time this weekend and donating the proceeds to charity.

2 Player Productions Interview

We sit down to talk with the guys documenting Double Fine’s million dollar Kickstarter game.

New York Cab Traffic Creates a Surprisingly Accurate Map of the City

A new video uses location data from 100,000 cab rides to show a day in NYC.

New Robot Shoots Hoops Like a Pro, Isn't as Good as Jeremy Lin

A team at Cornell and the University of Chicago had developed a new robot that can sort bolts and play basketball.

Bioware Releases Mass Effect 3 Demo; Happy Valentine’s Day!

The 40 minute demo of the eagerly anticipated sci-fi action/RPG is out now for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

World of Minecraft: Gamers Recreate WoW in Minecraft

A virtual world inside a virtual world? One gamer used Minecraft to recreate the World of Warcraft at 1-to-1 scale.

Blizzard Releasing Diablo 3 By End Of June

Blizzard finally announced a release window for the final chapter of the Diablo trilogy during a company earnings call.

PlayStation Vita: What You Need to Know

We’ve got the details you need for the launch of Sony’s new PlayStation Vita handheld, including specs, prices and games.

Video: A Robotic Prosthetic Hand Made of Lego

A new project uses pneumatics and Lego parts to make a working replica of a human hand.