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Don't Own A Kinect? Play With One Over the Internet

A hacker, using a Microsoft Kinect and some HTML 5 know-how, made a 3D webcam that you can control.

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Skyrim Creation Kit Released Alongside High-Res Texture Pack

In addition to a suite of tools for modding the PC version of Skyrim, Bethesda has released an optional downloadable high-resolution texture pack for their smash hit fantasy RPG.

Kinect Hack Helps Treat Phantom Limb Syndrome

Using a Kinect and some VR technology, one researcher hopes to help relieve the symptoms of phantom limb syndrome.

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PS Vita Firmware Update Brings Maps, Mac Support and More

Sony announces updated firmware and new features for their new PS Vita handheld console just weeks before the North American release.

This Video Shows How Computers See the World

A new video shows off the creepy, emerging world of robot vision.

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Space Invaders Hack Turns Your Unread Email Into a New High Score

A hacker in the UK turned a $5 alarm clock into a new GMail notifier, and shared plans so you can do it as well.

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Send Faxes From the Web: Three Services Tested

We test-drive three services that let you send faxes online--no fax machine or telephone required. Which one offers the best deal for your small business?

How to Manage Twitter Accounts That Have Multiple Users

TweetDeck and even Twitter itself have tools to make sharing a Twitter account among multiple users less of a headache. Here's how to use those tools.

How to Ditch Your CDs and DVDs and Go Digital

There’s more than one way to rid yourself of your old DVDs and CDs. We round up the best options.

Move to Digital: Lose Your Unwanted Books

Want to replace your traditional library with ebooks? Here are some sites and tools that can help you make your physical books disappear.

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Web Jargon Origins Revealed

As tech-speak creeps into everyday speech, we solve the mystery behind some common jargon.

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File-Sharing Site MegaUpload Indicted for Internet Piracy, Shut Down by US

The federal action -- and arrests of MegaUpload officials -- appears to have sparked denial-of-service attacks on the websites of the RIAA, the MPAA, and others by the hacker collective Anonymous.

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Wikipedia Alternatives: What to Do When Wikipedia Goes Down

Wikipedia will be going offline on Wednesday to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Here's where you can go to get your online encyclopedia fix while the site is down.

Laptops of CES: Smaller, Lighter, Flashier

The big laptop story at CES is Ultrabooks, but that isn't all that laptop makers were showing off. Here are the stand-out laptops of CES 2012.

Belkin's N900: A New Router for Use With Games and Video

Belkin shows a new Wi-Fi router at CES and offers new details on the company’s Thunderbolt-equipped desktop hub, the Thunderbolt Express Dock.