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How to Put Your Company on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Setting your company up for social media may seem intimidating, but the first steps are quick and easy.

Cloud Service Will Back Up Your Facebook, Mobile Phone

SOS Online Backup’s new service allows you to back up more than just your desktop.

Criminals Find New Uses for 3D Printing

3D printers allow you to print any tangible object from your computer. So the bad guys are focusing on printing keys, pieces of guns, and other dangerous items. Should you worry?

Where to Sell Your Old iPhone or How to Pick One Up Cheaply

Now that Apple is releasing the new iPhone 4S, here's how to sell your old phone--or look for deals on last year’s model.

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Apple’s iPhone 4S Announcement Crashes Popular Websites

Apple’s made a habit of crashing tech news sites. Here’s what sites can do to avoid a crash.

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The iPod Classic is Headed to the Tech Dustbin

Happy 10th Birthday, iPod Classic...you're dead.

Amazon's Silk Browser May Not Be Smooth When It Comes to Privacy

Security experts are worried that Amazon’s new Silk browser may compromise your security by passing your private data through Amazon's servers.

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Amazon Inks Deal With Fox for More Than 2,000 New Streaming Movie Titles

With new titles--and a tablet announcement apparently on the horizon--Amazon could shape up to be Netflix’s biggest competitor in streaming media services.

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Senator Calls for Investigation into OnStar Policy Changes That Affect Customers' Privacy

OnStar’s announcement that it would track customers even after they stop using the service stirs up privacy concerns and controversy.

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Blockbuster Movie Pass Wants to Compete with Netflix

Netflix has lost the support of some customers with its new pricing plans. Can the new Dish Network/Blockbuster video plan woo them away?

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DISH, Blockbuster Announce $10/Month Alternative to Netflix

DISH Network’s new 'Blockbuster Movie Pass' service bundles streaming movie and TV with DVD and game by-mail options for existing and new customers.

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Hack Your Way Into Facebook's New Timeline Feature

Use this workaround to disguise yourself as a developer and gain early access to the newest version of Facebook.

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Newly Leaked Accessories Hint at Look of iPhone 5

Case manufacturer Case-Mate may have leaked the appearance of the iPhone 5.

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Google’s New Flight Search Service: Test Drive

Does Google’s new Flight Search feature have what it takes to beat established flight-deal sites like Hipmunk and Kayak?

Canon Announces New S100 and SX40 High-End Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Canon’s new additions to the PowerShot line bring new features and hardware but no real surprises.

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