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iPhone Accessories to Take Your Phone Photography to New Levels

Phone photographers, take note: You can add a fish-eye, wide-angle, or a macro lens; capture 360-degree panoramic video; or even mount DSLR lenses on your Apple iPhone with these accessories.

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10 Free Addictive Games to Play in Your Browser

These 10 great puzzle games and action titles were made in two days during a recent game-creation competition. And you can't beat their price.

Do More in Chrome Than Browse: 12 Free Fun Apps

We've rounded up 12 great apps available for the Chrome browser that let you play games, stream movies and music, and even figure out what's for dinner--all without downloading anything.

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Who Will Be the Next Steve Jobs?

These ten tech leaders have the vision, and they’ve shown that they have the drive--but do they have what it takes to spearhead the next great sea change in technology?

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TouchPad Fever--Why Do We Suddenly Love WebOS?

Granted, the $99 HP Touchpad tablet is a great deal, but why is finding one mesmerizing the Internet?

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TouchPad Backlash: Retailers Say 'Sorry' For Order Errors

HP’s TouchPad was oversold and now Barnes & Noble and other retailers face angry customers.

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Huh? TouchPads Now Selling for Almost $300 on eBay

With supplies of the $99 TouchPad dwindling, consumers are starting to pay a premium for the WebOS tablet.

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New iOS Beta Contains Earthquake Warnings for Japan

iOS's new developer beta lets iPhone owners connect to Japan's emergency early warning system.

Facebook's 'Like' Button Banned by German State

Facebook is once again under fire for privacy concerns in Germany--this time, for the "like" button.

Apple Tops Mobile PC Market Share

Apple climbed to the top of the mobile PC sales ladder, based largely on the strength of its iPad sales.

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First 4G BlackBerry Bold 9900 On Sale Aug. 31 from T-Mobile

T-Mobile has finally announced the release date for the BlackBerry Bold 9900

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21 Great Free Games You Can Play in Your Browser

From massively multiplayer online games to first-person shooters, you can play practically any type of game for free--all it takes is your browser of choice.

LinkedIn Changes Social Ads in Response to Gripes

When members voiced privacy concerns regarding a new advertising policy, LinkedIn answered quickly with clarifications and a new look for its social ads.

New App Designed to Show You What Your Friends Really Think of You

Use this app to receive push notifications of your biggest social networking failures.

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Facebook Launches Mobile Messaging App

The standalone chat app runs on iPhone, iPad, and Android, and answers the recent Google+ chat announcements.

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