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LinkedIn Changes Social Ads in Response to Gripes

When members voiced privacy concerns regarding a new advertising policy, LinkedIn answered quickly with clarifications and a new look for its social ads.

New App Designed to Show You What Your Friends Really Think of You

Use this app to receive push notifications of your biggest social networking failures.

Facebook Launches Mobile Messaging App

The standalone chat app runs on iPhone, iPad, and Android, and answers the recent Google+ chat announcements.

iOS 5 Will Make Photos Faster and More Fun

The newest updates to iOS may mean new and better photo filter apps.

Google+ App Update Adds iPad Compatibility

Google's new social network Google+ is now available on your iPad and iPod Touch.

Chinese Smugglers Use Zip Line to Get Apple Goods Into Their Country: Zippity Do Dah!

Chinese police arrested a smuggling ring that used an ingenious zip-line rig to bring contraband Apple goods into the country from Hong Kong.

21 Great Free PC Games

Wikipedia Aims for More Contributors

The online encyclopedia is tapping colleges for new recruits as it seeks to boost the number of people who update its entries.

Microsoft and Google’s 5 Most Ridiculous Fights

Google and Microsoft’s new patent fight is sooo childish. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Computers That You Can Wear

Experts predict that wearable computing will be the next big thing, but some exciting devices are already here.

A Brief History of Wearable Computers

Google Acquires Deal Site The Dealmap

In a bid to better compete with other deal sites, such as Groupon, Google buys its own deal company.

Adobe Systems

Adobe Edge: What You Need to Know

Adobe has released a preview of its new HTML5 tool--but what does that mean for you?