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David Daw has studied the history and future of television and has a master's in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts from San Francisco State University along with a BA in genre fiction from NYU.

Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Weekend: General Thoughts

We go hands on with one of the biggest MMO titles of the year.

How to Get Started Screencasting

Want to start your own Internet show, share PC tips and tricks with friends, or just show off your gaming skills via video? Here's how to start producing your own screencast.

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Free Game Friday: A Gentleman Robot and a Hungry Hungry Snake

We’ve got three great free games for your weekend, including a great new Zelda-esque browser game.

Secret World Diary 2: Cthulhu Vs. Shotguns

We're back with our continuing coverage of The Secret World. This time, we take a look at the combat system of Funcom’s newest MMO.

World of Warcraft's Pet Battle System

WoW just put Pokemon inside the most popular MMO in existence and it's as addictive as you might imagine.

How to Get Started With CSS

Web designers use CSS to turn basic HTML into cutting-edge visual layouts. Our getting-started guide tells you everything you need to know to understand it.

How to Get Started With Music on Google Play

We give you all the tips and tricks you need to have Google stream your songs.

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Free Game Friday: A Gun that Serves as a Jetpack and an Art Game with an Awesome Soundtrack

Go to the Moon and hang out with a mammoth in this week’s roundup of free games.

Trying Out Valve's Movie Making Tools With the Source Filmmaker

Valve’s new tools for creating your own videos from Source games are powerful, but too complex for casual users.

Secret World Diary 1: The Illuminati Love Old-School Hip-Hop

We take a look at Funcom’s new MMO, which promises to be the anti-World of Warcraft (and occasionally lives up to that pledge).

Machinima Artist Shows You How To Make Movies Of Your Favorite Games

A new series of YouTube videos shows you how to get started making films out of your in-game footage.

Free Game Friday: A Super-Science Platformer, Undercover Cows and Space Exploration

This week’s round up of free games has a stealth action game starring a cow and a game where you shoot your way through endless space exploration. Good luck.

Tabletop Forge, Tabletop Gaming Tools for Google Hangouts

A new Kickstarter promises to turn Google Hangouts into the ideal virtual venue for your D&D games.

Declare Independence From iTunes With Spotify Premium

Spotify’s desktop application is a fantastic music manager. Here’s how to make Spotify your default app on the go as well.

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Games We’d Like to See on Google Glass

Google’s AR glasses aren’t set to hit the consumer market for at least another year but I’m already excited by the gaming possibilities.