Why Convenience Is the Enemy of Security

Security is inconvenient by nature. The trick is finding a balance that provides adequate security with an acceptable level of convenience at the same time.

How Do You Guard Against Unknown Threats?

Recent threats like Stuxnet, Duqu, and Flame managed to spread undetected for years. You need to take steps to protect your PC against threats that may already be out there circulating on the Internet.

Don't Be the Low-Hanging Fruit

Cyber criminals will generally go after the easiest targets. As long as you have better protection than the next guy you can avoid most attacks.

The Pandora's Box of Stuxnet, Duqu, and Flame

The United States and Israel developed Stuxnet for a specific purpose, but Pandora's Box is open now and the consequences impact us all.

Don't Get Burned By 'Flame' Malware Attack

Businesses and individuals need to be aware that other threats like 'Flame' may already be out there, and take steps to be more diligent in guarding against them.

Microsoft Says Farewell to 'Aero' Interface

Microsoft revealed that it is eliminating the 'Aero' UI from Windows 8, which is good news for both performance and security.

Why 'Do Not Track' Is a Double-Edged Sword

Twitter announced that it will support "Do Not Track." It's welcome news, but there are pros and cons to the "Do Not Track" solution.

Windows 8 RT Poses Security Dilemma

Windows 8 RT systems may be at greater risk than systems running more traditional versions of Windows.

Get Off the Vulnerability Patching Merry-Go-Round

The patch management cycle can be a real pain. Vulnerabilities are discovered, fixes are developed, and patches are installed. Rinse, and repeat.

Is It Still Spying If You Approved It?

Many people are concerned that websites are spying on their online activity. They don't realize they agreed to be monitored simply by visiting the site.

Keep Your Computer Safe—Without Losing Speed—With VIPRE Internet Security 2012

Keep Your Computer Safe—Without Losing Speed—With VIPRE Internet Security 2012

Twitter Discover Highlights Pros and Cons of Personalization

For some, the methods used by Twitter to deliver more relevant, personalized content on the Discover tab may seem like it crosses a line for privacy.

Managing the Cloud Storage Chaos

Don't make the mistake of using all of the cloud storage services just because they're free. "Free" comes with its own price when you scatter your data around on the Internet.