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David S. Linthicum is SVP at Cloud Technology Partners and an internationally recognized industry expert and thought leader. Dave has authored 13 books on computing, the latest of which is "Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise, a Step-by-Step Approach." Dave’s industry experience includes tenures as CTO and CEO of several successful software companies, and upper-level management positions in Fortune 100 companies. He keynotes leading technology conferences on cloud computing, SOA, enterprise application integration, and enterprise architecture. Dave writes the Cloud Computing blog for InfoWorld.

iCloud: It's Not the Cloud, But It's Good for the Cloud

Apple's iCloud could help give cloud computing a good rep that encourages true cloud adoption

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Government regulation could have a chilling effect on cloud computing and complicate what should be simple and dynamic

The Cloud Won't Save You Money -- And That's OK

Analysis: The industry's dirty little secret: Cost savings aren't the actual value of the cloud.

Is the Cloud Killing Apple?

Recent financial results from Apple's competitors show that the company may be losing more ground than it's gaining from the cloud

Chromebooks and the Cloud: The Ugly Truth

Although Google's Chromebooks seems like a boon for cloud computing, the platform will fall far short of expectations.

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This will clearly be the year of cloud consolidation, so you need to be careful where and how you place your cloud computing bets.

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