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Make Your Own Tech Accessories

Dashboard mounts, tablet stands, mouse pads--why buy them when you can build your own? Here's how to save money by creating your own tech accessories out of common home or office materials.

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Make Your Own Earbud Organizer

Create an earbud holder out of a piece of paper, and keep the cord tangle-free.

Make Your Own Wrist Rest

Here's how to create a simple and comfortable wrist rest out of a sock and some rice.

Make Your Own Tablet Stand

Here's how to create a tablet stand out of disposable chopsticks.

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This tiny program lets you assign key combos to actions, such as launching programs or inserting text.

Giada A50 Fusion Ultra PC: The Name of the Game Is Storage

An acceptable system at a slightly higher than expected price, Giada’s A50 isn’t one Compact PC to overlook.

Polywell Poly X5800A3-990X: Where’s Our Six-Core Overclock?

For a stock-clock, six-core system, Polywell’s Poly X5800A3-990X delivers a lot, but a few tweaks would have made it even better (and more competitive).

Hotkeys, Macros, and Gestures: How to Save Time With Your PC

Want to automate your most frequent PC tasks? Here's how to map common PC actions to the keyboard buttons (or mouse gestures) of your choice.

Cyber-D's Autodelete

This program automatically cleans folders according to the parameters you set.

PC Spring Cleaning: Automatically Organize Your Files

Here's how to find and eliminate PC clutter--and automate file organization so that it never crops up again.

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AmoK Exif Sorter (64-bit version)

Sort and rename photos based on their EXIF data with this free utility.

AmoK Exif Sorter (32-bit version)

Sort and rename photos based on their EXIF data with this free utility.

iBuyPower Paladin XLC: Performance You Pay For

We love just about everything in iBuyPower’s Paladin XLC, but its commanding price puts this desktop’s appeal into question.

Dell XPS 8300: High on Features, Low on Price

Dell’s inexpensive XPS 8300 is a true force to be reckoned with for its speeds, connections, and do-no-wrong attitude.

Advanced Renamer

Advanced Renamer is a batch renamer for renaming multiple files in a snap.