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How to Run Your Own LAN Party

Or, how to game with friends without blowing up your PC, house, or home network.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy With Their Company PCs (Without Losing Control of Your IT)

Your staff will be more content if they can install their choice of software. Here’s how to give them that freedom while keeping control over your IT environment.

Consumer Software That's Good for Business

Here are four great consumer applications that also serve as capable business tools.

Mobile surfing moves beyond your phone's default browser

Last week's release of Yahoo Axis may make some mobile users ready to move their browsing habits beyond the app that comes with their smartphone or tablet. David Murphy looks at some of the more interesting options for Android and iOS device owners.

Dell XPS One 27 Review: A Power-Packed, Pricey All-in-One

Even if money is an object, Dell's Ivy Bridge all-in-one is worth considering for its excellent combination of speed, features, and looks.

How to Troubleshoot Your PC: A Hypochondriac's Guide

Does your PC act as though it's about to die? Don't panic! We explain why the most common problems happen and what to do about them.

How to Convert an Old PC into a Modern Server

Don’t recycle that aging desktop PC--give it a new purpose in life.

Origin Genesis Review: Near Perfection in a Gaming PC

There’s little to dislike about Origin’s big performance PC: It looks every bit as good as it runs, but costs less than the competition.

Asus Essentio CM6870 Review: Ivy Bridge Performance, Mediocre Gaming

The new Asus Ivy Bridge desktop outruns Sandy Bridge budget systems, but “first” or “fastest” doesn’t always equal “best.”

iBuyPower Erebus GT Review: The Fast and the Inexpensive

There isn't much that the speedy Erebus GT desktop PC can’t do--in fact, we can hardly think of a thing.

Acer AX1930-UR10P: Boring, but Fast

You can’t expect a miracle from a $500 budget PC; this Acer machine couples a cookie-cutter design with solid speeds.

V3 Salvo 3D: A Good Deal for Gamers

This inexpensive PC packs a wallop on games, but nongamers can do better for less.

Gaming's 15 Funniest, Most Unfair, and Memorable Exploits

Who says cheaters never prosper? Here are some of the most memorable rule-benders in gaming ... thus far.