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MSI Wind Top AE2220: A Jekyll of Great Upgrades Meets a Hyde of a Display

The MSI Wind Top AE2220's shoddy picture undoes its significant upgrades over its predecessor.

HP Slimline s5370t: Slim System Trims the Fat, and the Features

Smaller systems generally sacrifice features for a svelte chassis, and HP's Slimline s5370t is no exception.

HP Pavilion HPE-170t: Strong Performance--and a Few Quirks

This system is plenty fast, but HP had to overlook a few elements in order to achieve the HPE-170t’s price-to-performance ratio.

ASUS EeeBox PC EB1501: Stylish Entertainment Mini-PC Stumbles on Speed

Although it doesn’t win in performance, Asus’ EeeBox 1501 delivers a lot for its smallest-of-the-small size, including a slot-loading DVD writer and HDMI output.

ViewSonic VOT530 PC Mini: It’s Small, It’s Speedy--But It’s Not Strong Enough

If your budget is as locked-in as your space is limited, you’ll enjoy what the VOT530 has to offer. For the rest of you, better, speedier options in value PCs exist.

The Case Mod That Will (Try to) Kill You

The God of War returneth: Kratos, star of the PlayStation's big action series, gets built... as someone's PC! Talk about a killer case mod.

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Maingear Shift: Great Design, a 4GHz CPU, and 3 Graphics Cards Don't Come Cheap

You might not find a faster (or flashier) system than Maingear’s Shift, but that doesn’t mean this beautiful monster is perfectly priced for its performance.

Intel: 27 New Laptop, Desktop CPUs Arrive in January

Intel has officially launched its 32-nanometer CPUs, including 11 Arrandale chips for laptops, six Clarkdale chips for desktops, and seven new chipsets.

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Intel's 2010 Clarkdale Desktop CPUs: What to Expect

Intel is readying its first-ever 32-nanometer CPUs, but what are you actually getting in this latest Nehalem die-shrink? Lots and lots of casual video power, for one.

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Lenovo IdeaCentre Q100 Is Impressively Small--and That's About It

This supersmall device is a fully functioning PC, but only barely so. This machine's laundry list of omissions makes a netbook seem like a better option.

Gateway's SX2800-01r Compact Desktop Delivers Inexpensive Quad-Core Speed

If you aren't an upgrader or a gamer, you'll find a great deal to love about the SX2800-01r, Gateway's latest value-desktop offering.