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As Macworld U.K.'s Online Editor, David plans the articles that appear on Macworld U.K.'s website. It's rumored that he reads Web traffic reports in bed. He also writes reviews and tutorials, focusing on iOS devices and the apps they run (iPad games a speciality). David used to spend his free time listening to cricket on the radio and playing the piano, but since becoming a father he prefers to stand hunched over a cot, pleading.

Everything You Need to Know About the Big Apple vs. Samsung Patent Trial

The big Apple-Samsung patent trial begins in the U.S. on Monday. What are the arguments, what's at stake, who's likely to win, and where will this leave the mobile industry?

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Sony Ericsson Delays Xperia Play UK Launch

The "PlayStation phone" will be in short supply upon arrival in Britain.

Samsung Pushes 'Green' Memory

Analysis: Samsung shows off its 30nm Green DDR3 2 gigabit (Gb) and 4Gb memory.

Is Cloud Computing Still a Dream?

At the cloud computing summit, executives from IBM, Intel, Google, VMWare and Fujitsu seemed to be saying that the technology will definitely happen, but let's not get carried away.