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David Taber is the author of the Prentice Hall book, "Salesforce.com Secrets of Success," now in its second edition, and is the CEO of SalesLogistix, a certified Salesforce.com consultancy focused on business process improvement through use of CRM systems. SalesLogistix clients are in North America, Europe, Israel and India. Taber has more than 25 years of experience in high tech, including 10 years at the VP level or above.

Before You Invest in CRM Software, Assess Your Needs

Smart car buyers don't get a Ferrari when a Fiat will do. The same philosophy is true of CRM systems.

Is Your Cloud Project Ready to Be Agile?

Agile development and the cloud are like hand in glove. But Agile can be dangerous if your organization isn't ready for it.

How to Avoid Cloud Customer Support Worst Practices

Customer support is running by old rules, and customer satisfaction is at risk. Here are two worst-practices issues to avoid in your cloud customer service organization.

How to Document Cloud Design Decisions

When developing and integrating cloud systems, the public interfaces and external "contracts" among services mean that design and architecture can evolve rapidly and in parallel.

Cloud UI Design Mistakes to Avoid

I've written for years that it is impossible to make a product too easy to use. But the industry has proved me wrong, by making products that are so focused on...

Top 10 Stupid CRM Data Corruption Tricks

CRM data corruption: It's not just for SysAdmins anymore. Check out this list to find out how your users and their policies may be polluting your data.

Is Cloud Support 'Racing to the Bottom?'

There's a phenomenon that economists describe as a "race to the bottom," where vendors compete by undercutting in price, which leads to a reduction in quality and service.

Strategies for Pruning Data in the Cloud

In terrestrial systems, you don't think about disk space. In the clouds, you have to, if you don't it will cost you.

What Your Cloud Consultant Is Trying To Tell You

Consultants have been a mainstay of IT departments forever. But in the cloud the commercial language is filled with a new set of euphemisms you need to understand. Here are some to look out for.

Evaluating Cloud Vendors: The Ecosystem Matters

It's axiomatic that in software of any complexity, the ecosystem of plug-in products, tools, compatible APIs, and developer community can become really...

Is Offshoring Different in the Cloud?

Offshoring IT work to India, China, Eastern Europe, and even South America has been a staple of IT cost reduction.

Develop a Cloud Computing Error Logging Strategy

Error handling and trace logs are as old as the hills. Of course this is handled in the clouds, right?? Keep laughing...

Cloud App Development Traps to Watch Out For

Done wrong, cloud software projects can subject you to all the pitfalls of traditional software projects. Consider these three no-no's carefully.

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CRM: Avoid 3 User Identity Mistakes

Too often ignored is the CRM data that's about your users: employees who log in and manipulate data every day.

Your CEO Called About CRM: Now What?

The CEO has called and asked for some training on the CRM system. A great opportunity...but there are a hundred things you could train him on. Where do you start?