Goodbye Textbooks, Hello iPad

A technology shift is under way. The PC’s promise to transform how learning happens in the classroom is being realized by Apple’s iPad.


My Mom Reviews the iPad, Her First Computer

David Worthington documents his mom's fresh perspective on using the iPad in an enlightening interview.


Diaspora: Like an Open Source Facebook

Students create decentralized, open source alternative to Facebook that they say will give users full control over their privacy.

Windows Phone 7 Tablet: Still Possible

Analysis: Instead of grafting Windows onto smaller form factors, maybe Microsoft should grow the small-platform software to run well on a larger device.


Apple Blazing a Trail in Software (In)security

According to one security provider, Apple has had the most reported vulnerabilities for its platforms during the first half of 2010.

Supreme Court Decision Raises Software Patent Questions

Recent decision doesn't change much, except that the Court’s decision was at odds with 150 years of patent law, says a legal expert.

Detailed Windows 8 Rumors Emerge

Microsoft may want OEMs to build PCs that rapidly wake up from sleep mode and are aware of their surroundings.

Apple iPhone 3G Users Should Stop Whining

If you liked your iPhone yesterday, there are no fewer reasons to enjoy it today. If you don’t like your phone, sell it, and find something that better meets your requirements.


Verizon Plans FiOS IPTV Service

According to a company source, Verizon is deploying an Internet Protocol television (IPTV) system in a move to bring its FiOS brand to the Web,