Apple Will Sell Eight Million iPads by 2012, Report

An analyst with Needham & Company has projected that Apple will sell 2 million iPads this year with an additional 6M being sold in 2011

Microsoft Working on a Zune Phone?

Blogger finds a clue that suggests an upcoming Zune phone is likely.


Apple's Next iPhone Must Wow to Win

Analysis: The competition is getting stiffer, and the next model can't be an incremental update if Apple wants to keep its crown.


Facebook Trojan: Brazen, but (Luckily) Benign

Third-party application called "Phutos" was able to mimic Facebook's native functionality.

Boxee Box Aims for Your TV

Boxee, known for its open-source software Web video software, is moving into the hardware realm.


Verizon's Going to Have to Answer to the FCC (and Customers)

The carrier is being questioned by the regulatory agency about its fees, and so far it has supplied a non-answer.

DARPA Launches Red Balloon Hunt

A contest is actually a study in how information can spread virally, forming virtual teams.

Digital Watchdog Group Jumps on User Licenses

Analysis: The Electronic Frontier Foundation strikes a blow for consumer protection with its "Terms of (Ab)Use" campaign.

Hey, Apple: Trust Your iPhone Developers

Apple could speed its screening process by fast tracking App Store submissions from its trusted development partners.


Microsoft Surface Draws Interest, if Not Buyers

The tabletop computer interface has found some niche uses and continues to mature, Microsoft tells developers.

Microsoft's Silverlight Vision

Silverlight will "optimize everywhere," Microsoft tells developers conference.

Google Docs Won't Topple Word Any Time Soon

While Google believes its online office suite will soon be a "Microsoft Office killer," it's really an idea based on vaporware.

Windows XP Users Are Slow to Move -- Survey

While Windows Vista users are switching to Windows 7 in droves, XP users remain holdouts.


Report: Malware Makers Are Organized, Sophisticated

Cybercriminals are organized like corporations, and follow regular software release cycles, says principal group program manager for the Microsoft Malware Protection Center.

Droid Faces Uphill Battle Against iPhone

Analysis: Despite all Verizon's ads, iDon’t think the Droid’s iPhone attack will work.