Apple Updates iTunes, Apple TV; Changes Are Subtle

Apple TV 3.0's new main menu adds shortcuts to recently rented or purchased movies — TV shows, music, podcasts, photos and YouTube are also front and center.


Facebook Dethrones Spam King

Facebook wins a $711 million lawsuit against chronic spammer Sanford Wallace.

Magic Mouse Manual Suggests OS X Update is Coming

Apple's new Magic Mouse has a lot of people talking, but not just about its features.

Will the CIA Snoop on Social Networks?

The government agency is looking for ways to aggregate content from social networks, a report says.

Open Broadband Nurtures Competion -- and Deals

Analysis: An FCC report finds that boosting broadband rivalry is a win for consumers; bring it on.

Why a Wal-Mart Phone May Make Sense

Sure, the phones aren't top-of-the-line, but budget-minded families may find themselves looking to Wal-Mart for cellular service.


European Commission Market-Tests Microsoft Browser Remedy

European Commission mulls restrictions on Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8.

How Much is Twitter Worth?

Analysis: Investors are dumping $100 million into the microblogging service with no revenue and few plans. Huh?

PC Sales Jump Unexpectedly

IDG reports desktop and laptop sales are climbing even before the release of Windows 7 next month.

Ticketmaster Goes Digital to Fight Scalpers

The new paperless ticketing system includes an electronic exchange where customers can resell tickets (for a fee, natch).