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Mavericks Dictation vs. Dragon Dictate: How good is OS X's built-in tool?

OS X Mavericks boasts a much improved built-in dictation tool. But how improved is it, really? David Sparks pits it against the established Mac transcription champ, Dragon Dictate.

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How to download streaming media and watch it anywhere, anytime

Go offline with impunity. Try these tools or services to store your favorite TV shows and movies from Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, and Netflix for later viewing.

Razer Tartarus Review: Half a keyboard for the exact same price

Razer's latest gaming keypad is a well-made piece of hardware you almost certainly don’t need.

Review: ECBC Zeus could use some improvements

This messenger is a solid bag with plenty of pockets, but it disappoints in a few areas.

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Making sense of customer feedback

Customer feedback is rarely as simple as it seems. Here's how to sort out what your customers like and don't like, and what to do with all that information.

6 fairly ridiculous TV shows to stream over the summer

The summer doldrums can be a tough time for TV fans. With barely anything new on networks, it can be hard to find something to watch. Luckily, cable is increasingly moving some of its most interesting shows to the summer, where they don’t have to compete with big-name series. The results, while not always Emmy-worthy, are still compelling

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6 late-night and Internet interview shows for any taste

It can be hard to keep up with late-night TV shows and still get a healthy night's sleep--which is a shame since there's a lot of great late-night programs on the air these days. Luckily, the Internet lets you stream a lot of the stuff you might miss--for free--and there's even some new, Internet-original shows in the interview format that are worth watching.

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Free Game Friday: You’ve got a job to do

Bring down the president and save the world in this week’s assortment of free games.

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Did the new Arrested Development make a huge mistake?

Arrested Development (Fox 2003-2006, Netflix 2013) is back. Cancelled seven years ago after three critically-acclaimed-but-ratings-poor seasons, the show's fourth season finally premiered on Netflix Sunday and, in addition to being an extremely funny season of television, it's probably the best example yet of how Netflix is changing what television looks like.

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Creative workspaces for the modern worker

A poorly-crafted workspace can stifle your creativity. Here are some tips for a healthier and more productive work environment.

6 TV season (or series) finales worth streaming

With the TV season ending now is a great time to catch up with shows that are ending their run or just coming to the end of remarkable seasons. Here are five finale's from this year's May sweeps that are worth your time along with where you can catch up with earlier episodes.

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Free Game Friday: Games that tell a story

THIS WEEK IN FREE GAMES: Everything from dealing with loss to fighting inter-dimensional demons.

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Free Game Friday: Even more of less is more

This week we look at even more games that do a lot with little.

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Free Game Friday: Minimalist games

Games from the new Ludum Dare challenge and other minimalist diversions.

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Designing your digital legacy

Virtual life can go on. Here's how to set up your online estate through major social networks and useful Web services.

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