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Responsibilities: To follow, report and write on management software and appliance vendors, products and services, as well as to cover IT spending and staffing news and issues. Past experience: Worked at Application Development Trends, a monthly trade magazine, and The North Adams Transcript, a daily newspaper based in western Massachusetts.How to reach: E-mail works best and early in the week for more timely news items. E-mail any time for trend or customer stories.

Microsoft Woos Developers With Latest IE9 Preview

Microsoft keeps promise to make available iterative releases of IE9, with the second release in two months featuring improved performance.

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Data shows that the Web browser even Microsoft says IT departments should abandon is used most during business hours.

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Internet Explorer 9 Offers Speed, HTML 5

MIX10 attendees got a preview of IE9 and promised to drive standards work on HTML 5.

Microsoft Plugs Excel Holes

Two bulletins fix security vulnerabilities on a quieter than usual Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft's Ballmer Aims for Clouds

The Microsoft CEO discusses the company's cloud computing strategy and tells why it's not just for techies.

Small Businesses Flock to Windows 7

A survey shows why and when the tech staffs at small and midsize firms are migrating.

Google Chrome Chips Away at Internet Explorer

New report shows that Microsoft remains in the lead with Internet Explorer, but loses some ground to Google Chrome.

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