BBC Three Months Behind on Olympics Intelligent Video Player

The BBC is three months behind on procuring an intelligent video player that is set to be used throughout the Olympic Games this summer.

London Will Have Free Wi-Fi in Subway Stations by Olympic Games

London Underground has selected Virgin Media to offer free Wi-Fi in 80 tube stations in time for the summer's Olympic Games.

Biggest Mobile Services 'Unlikely' to Adopt GSMA Privacy Rules

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and RIM, who currently own the largest mobile app stores, will probably adopt only the guidelines that don't cut into their income.

Google Plows Ahead With Privacy Changes, as EU Concerns Remain

Google has implemented its highly controversial new privacy policy, despite requests from EU regulatory bodies to delay it until further investigations into its impact have taken place.

Mobile Less Popular Way to Buy Than in Store, Researchers Say

Consumers with smartphones cited security and poor network coverage as some of the reasons as to why they choose to shop in a store, rather than through a mobile application or site.