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Robots Go to Work

Robots: The Good, the Rad and the Plain Ol' Scary Today's robots have not reached the level of self-awareness or service that robots in sci-fi staples such as Star Wars, A.I. and Wall-E demonstrated. Still, what they can do will either have you marveling at technology or fearing for your future as the dominant species.

Nine Geek Hotels for the Traveling Techie

Hate leaving your tech at home? If you stay at one of these nine hotels, you won't have to.

Tech Toys From the 1990s

Geek chic of years gone by isn't so cool today, as technology races on.

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Stylish Mice: A Gallery of Bling Input Devices

Consider your mouse a fashion accessory or art? Here are 12 useful and unusual mice that may inspire you to upgrade.

The Geek Chic Checklist -- 22 Sure Signs You're a Geek

Love of gadgets, a fat wallet and extensive online social networks are just three signs that you're probably a geek. (And we mean that in the best way.)

MIT Wearable Gadget Gives You Sixth Sense

The wunderkinds at MIT's Media Lab (Fluid Interfaces Group) have developed a gesture-controlled wearable computing device.

Five Fun Google Earth Time-Wasters

Check out these five fun Google Earth excursions that take you to the depths of the oceans and the height of the heavens.

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Social Networks Thrive -- Now What?

Users are flocking to them, but few companies know how to capitalize on all that coveted word-of-mouth and networking, survey shows.

7 Technologies that Changed the World

As technology has infiltrated daily life, we take for granted innovations that were science fiction not long ago. Here are our nominees for the most life-changing advances.

Vroom! Nine Cutting-Edge Car Technologies

Technology that keeps drivers awake, monitors teenage driving habits, and creates truly mobile offices. Here are nine automobile technologies that have us reaching for our wallet (or wishing we had more in it).

Tech Tricks and Treats of 2008

Revisit the scary Halloweens of childhood by celebrating the terrifying tricks and delectable tech treats of 2008.

Hotels a Geek Can Love

Here are nine geek hotels offering futuristic conveniences and tech amenities at a reasonable rate--sometimes in luxury.