How to Stay Safe Cheap: Security on a Shoestring

If you can't — or don't want to — spend the money to renew your security software, there are free alternatives. But there is a minor catch.

Savvy PC Users Spook Phishers

Computer users as a whole have become more savvy and are better able to recognize phony web sites when they encounter them.

Give 'Em a Cell Phone, Then Let Your Kids Go Outside

Things were different — but not that different — when I was growing up!

Microsoft Toots Its Own IE8 Horn

Analysis: Internet Explorer 8 beats rivals. Or so says Redmond.

Younger Workforce Demands Innovative Tech Tools

Analysis: Today's employees see companies as old-fashioned and not competitive if they can’t (or won’t) maintain the latest equipment available.

Why I Don't Want You to Buy a Mac

I love Apple's computers, but the more people that buy them, the bigger malware target they become.

Beware Jackson Scammers and Other Scum

Analysis: Any intriguing news event is fodder for miscreants who try to lure eager readers to bogus sites distributing malicious code.

Airport Body Scans: A Better Screening Option

Why I'd prefer a scan over some stranger physically patting me (or my wife and kids) down.

Energizer Malware Keeps Going and Going

Analysis: How do you fix a machine with malware so entrenched in the OS that nothing can remove it?

Mac Users Left Out of PowerPoint Patches

Microsoft patches Windows versions of PowerPoint, but Mac users won't get the same protection until June.

Green IT and Depression-Era Values

Analysis: The recession is fueling a trend toward penny-pinching, and helping drive the green movement in IT.

Macs: Not as Secure as We Thought?

When it comes to technology, security is a relative term.

Why Comcast Should Be Feeling Downcast

Leak of user data should serve as another reminder that we all have to remain hyper-vigilant.

Spreading Downadup via Sneaker-net

Share malware the new, old-fashioned way!

Google, Microsoft to Start Scrubbing Search Data Sooner?

Now that Yahoo says it will retain Web search data for only three months, Google and Microsoft may do the same.