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Microsoft Says It Is Happy With Its Windows Phone Partners. But For How Long?

Will the company do the same with smartphones that it did with tablets?

Windows 8 Supposedly to Be Delivered to Manufacturers in July

Getting Windows 8 to partners by July is important for Microsoft for several reasons.

Sprint Settles Lawsuit over Improper Messaging Charges

Those who file a claim are eligible for a cash payment of up to $20, or a non-cash payment that includes free services, fee waivers, and discounts.

Duolingo Translates the Web and Teaches You a Language

Duolingo currently supports English, German, French, or Spanish, and there are plans to add Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese in the near future.

FCC to Review Cell Phone Radiation Standards

Studies have shown no conclusive evidence regarding danger from wireless signals, but the FCC wants to reopen an inquiry into whether its regulations do enough to protect consumers.

Android Users: Microsoft Debuts a Version of its My Xbox Live App for Android

The Microsoft Xbox Live iOS app also is upgraded.

Want What the TV Commercial Shows You? Buy It Immediately via PayPal

Comcast, PayPal and TiVo Premiere are set to make it simple to buy goods and services via your television.

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Nokia Lumia 900 Phones Appear in One College's Freshman Packet

New Jersey college Seton Hall will issue every member of the incoming Class of 2016 a smartphone through its Mobile Computing initiative.

Verizon Car Collective May Bring In-Vehicle LTE to the Masses

The purpose of the group is to look into ways to integrate LTE connectivity into vehicles of all types, not just luxury automobiles.

Music Site Last.fm Joins the Password-Leak Parade

Last.fm advises all users to change their passwords as a precaution but didn't discuss if the leaks were related to recent problems at LinkedIn and eHarmony.

Microsoft: 600 Million Windows 7 Licenses Sold

A passel of PC users appear to be happy with Windows 7 but that version isn't even the Windows operating system with the most users.

E3 2012: Nintendo Pins Hopes on Wii U and Games

Nintendo bets the farm on its next-gen Wii U console along with 23 games for the innovative new platform.

How to Download and Install the Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview

The latest fine-tuned beta version of Window 8 is now available for your testing pleasure. It's free.

Leaked iPhone Photos Show Bigger Screen, Aluminum Back

The purported photos depict a device with bigger speakers that will presumably improve sound quality, and the headphone jack moves to the bottom of the iPhone.

Move Over Instagram, Here Comes Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera is the social network's new mobile photo-sharing app for iOS.