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You Can Now Rent Miramax Movies on Facebook

Miramax is offering online movies via Facebook, for $3 per rental.

Is Samsung Quietly Backing Away From Android?

A key Google partner is considering its options -- including a proprietary OS -- in the wake of Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobile.

A Cable Company May Soon Supply Your Wireless Service

Sprint is reportedly marketing the struggling Clearwire to cable companies, who could then bundle yet another tech service.

Google Doodle Celebrates Fermat's Last Theorem

Google's latest Doodle pays homage to the mathematician's last theorem.

PCWorld Readers Say the PC Era is Alive and Well

End of the PC era? Our readers don't think so.

Study: Americans Use Cell Phones to Avoid Boredom – and Bores

Mobile phones are a good diversion when you’ve got nothing to do – and a good prop to avoid unpleasant social situations, a Pew study found.

Amazon CEO Invents Airbags For Your Cell Phone

Never worry about dropping your device again.

IBM Declares the End of the PC Era

IBM, the company that, arguably, launched the "PC Era," now thinks we're living in a post-PC world.

Walmart to Exit MP3 Business on August 29

After 7 years, Walmart quietly shuts down its online music store.

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Nokia Scrapping Symbian in the U.S. for Windows Phone 7

Nokia is killing off its Symbian operating system in order to make way for Windows Phone 7.

This Mobile Developer's Got Your Next Starbucks Coffee

Need your Starbuck's fix, but don't have the cash? Go ahead and use mobile developer Jonathan Stark's card. No, really.

Facebook's Planned News Feed Changes Should Worry You

Facebook is making changes to its news feed to make advertisers more visible.

Germany Asks Facebook to Disable Facial Recognition

The German data protection authority wants Facebook to disable its facial recognition service.

WIMM Wearable Platform: Microsoft SPOT Redux?

WIMM's new wearable platform is a tiny watch-sized screen that's about as useful as a mini, less-powerful smartphone.

President Obama Uses Twitter to Drum Up Support for Debt Ceiling Deal

The President turns to Twitter for support.