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AT&T Sweetens Prepaid Smartphone Data Plans, But Not Enough

Is AT&T's new prepaid GoPhone data plan a good deal? Let's check.

Move Over Google: Oakley’s Got Smart Glasses, Too

Oakley CEO Colin Baden said Tuesday that Oakley’s efforts will initially target athletes.

Privacy Advocates Frustrated By FCC’s Decision on Google Street View

The FCC's refusal to launch a broader probe of Google’s practices regarding Street View has privacy experts worried.

Coming Soon: Ad Offers in Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook will roll out the Groupon-like deals to page owners gradually over the next few months.

Instagram, Facebook Deal Sparks Privacy Concerns: Here's How to Quit

Instagram sold to Facebook for $1 billion, irking longtime users--here's how to gather up your photos and run.

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Android Apps Don't Need Permission to See Your Data

Unauthorized apps can access certain types of data without any permissions at all.

Vista Support No More: Where to Go for Help

Microsoft may be ending person-to-person support for Vista, but that doesn't mean Vista users are in the dark.

AT&T Starts Unlocking iPhones: Customers Gripe Over Long Delays

AT&T says unlocking your phone should take "minutes", but many (including me) are being told the actual wait is up to eight days.

Google Tablet Delays: What They Mean for Apple's iPad

Google’s move seems to suggest that Apple will soon also need to take a hard look at the future of the iPad.

Google's Project Glass Eyewear: Next Big Google Flop or Hit?

Google dazzles our imagination with its augmented reality glasses, but could the Internet behemoth have a diamond or a dud on its hands?

Nokia Lumia 900 vs. The Competition: Spec Showdown

How does Nokia's $99 Lumia 900 match up against its competitors?

Amazon Dominates Google in App Revenue: Thank Apple?

Amazon trounces Google when it comes to app revenue because it makes buying apps a breeze--something it learned from Apple.