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Behold: The $6800 Android Smartphone

Tag Heuer unveils a too-ordinary phone in a pricey package, for cell phone show-offs with plenty of cash.

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Google+ Invites are Hot Commodity: Watch Out for Scams

People are doing anything to get into Google's new social network--even exposing themselves to spam.

Smartphones: A Majority of the Phones Sold in the United States

Sales of the smarter phones rise to 55 percent of the market, up from 34 percent a year ago.

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Google+ Invite Process Shut Down Amid 'Insane Demand'

Google opened up the invitation process late Wednesday afternoon to those participating in the service but quickly closed it down to conduct the process in a controlled way.

E-Readers More Popular Than Tablets: Because They're Cheaper

A new study says consumers are more likely to own an e-reader than a tablet. Price probably plays a big factor.

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Google Guns for Facebook with Google+ Social Network

Google reenters the social network battle once more with Google+, a unique Facebook competitor

U.S. Government Regularly Asks Google for Users' Data

The U.S. government asks for user data more often than does any other government.

10 Cool Tech Gadgets Spotted at CE Week 2011

Meet 2011's hottest new gear, from wearable camcorders to iPad covers that double as speakers to pocket-size wireless hard drives for your smartphone and tablet.

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FAQ: Google vs. the FTC

What does it mean for you?

Foursquare Teams With American Express on Cash-Back Deals

The deal gives Foursquare users who link with American Express the chance to get money back on purchases at Foursquare-friendly locations.

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Hack Attacks Escalating? Here's a Reality Check

Hack attacks by LulzSec and Anonymous suggest an uptick in computer attacks, network break-ins, and data breaches.

Verizon iPhone Caused Android Market Share Drop, Analyst Says

Verizon's iPhone may have been the reason Android has lost market share, according to stats from analyst firm Needham & Co.

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Mobile Data Usage Nearly Doubles

People are using more and more mobile data these days.

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US Builds Cyberwar Virtual Firing Range

The growing threat of cyber attack prompts development of defensive and offensive cyberwar technologies.

Spotify's U.S. Launch: Coming Soon?

Spotify may be launching in the U.S. next month...or...soon after that...