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The Audi A7: A High-Tech Test Drive

In our day behind the wheel of the A7 (thanks, Audi!), we checked out "smart car" technology that helps you parallel park, learns your driving preferences, keeps you out of accidents, connects you to the Web, and does a whole lot more.

Has LulzSec Gone Too Far?

LulzSec is really pushing it with their latest attacks

Congress Aims to Curb Mobile Location Tracking

Two recently introduced bills could stop companies from tracking consumers via smartphones.

Comcast's Skype TV Calling Could Be a Hit

Comcast is introducing a video conferencing option.

Privacy Advocates Ask Feds to Stop Facebook Facial Recognition

EPIC asks the government to bar Facebook from using facial recognition technology.

Will -- and Should -- Microsoft Sell its Own Tablet?

Analysis: Microsoft may be in the process of considering marketing its own tablet that would launch sometime next year, reports one website.

Google Sued For Using Chromebook Name

ISYS Technologies claims that Google's 'Chromebook' name is too close to its 'ChromiumPC'...which, ironically is pretty close to Google's Chromium OS.

Facebook on Face Recognition: Sorry, We Screwed Up!

Facebook apologizes for its latest screw-up.

T-Mobile to Offer 25 Cent Game Rentals for Android Devices

You may soon be able to "rent" mobile games for just $0.25 for one day.

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Facebook Facial Recognition: Security Firm Issues Alert

Facebook users will soon have to deal with the social network behemoth using facial recognition to identify pictures of you for your friends to tag.

Sony Gets Hacked Again and Again, Pilfered Data Released

Hacker Group Lulzsec is the latest to hit the beleaguered Sony.

Google, China Spar over Gmail Hacking Accusations

China's fighting back after Google accuses them of hacking into US gMail accounts.

The Internet Tax Man Cometh (Again!)

Should Congress force online retailers to charge sales tax, even for states they don't operate in? Lawmakers are looking into it with the proposed "Main Street Fairness Act."

Facebook Calls Ceglia Ownership Claim 'A Fraud'

Paul Ceglia thinks he owns 84 percent of Facebook. Facebook thinks he doesn't.

11 Cutting-Edge Car Tech Innovations

Automotive technology is reaching MENSA status with these high-tech upgrades for your vehicle.