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This Mobile Developer's Got Your Next Starbucks Coffee

Need your Starbuck's fix, but don't have the cash? Go ahead and use mobile developer Jonathan Stark's card. No, really.

Facebook's Planned News Feed Changes Should Worry You

Facebook is making changes to its news feed to make advertisers more visible.

Germany Asks Facebook to Disable Facial Recognition

The German data protection authority wants Facebook to disable its facial recognition service.

WIMM Wearable Platform: Microsoft SPOT Redux?

WIMM's new wearable platform is a tiny watch-sized screen that's about as useful as a mini, less-powerful smartphone.

President Obama Uses Twitter to Drum Up Support for Debt Ceiling Deal

The President turns to Twitter for support.

Sprint’s Move To LTE Not Great News For Consumers

Does the Sprint news move consumers closer to mobile standarization? Nope. Each of the four wireless players currently use, or will use, different frequencies for LTE.

Google Pulls Back on Heavy-Handed Google+ Name Policy

Google says it will no longer disable accounts for violating its name policy--without warning them, first.

SEO Peddlers See Value in Google's +1

Want some Google +1's? Buy 'em.

Google's Wi-Fi Data Collection Efforts Were Extensive

Google is once again in the spotlight for privacy concerns over its Wi-Fi data collecting.

AT&T Customers Attempt to Block T-Mobile Merger

A New York law firm is working with several AT&T subscribers aiming to force the company into arbitration over the planned merger with T-Mobile.

AT&T Outpaces Verizon in iPhone Sales

Whether it's Verizon or AT&T: The iPhone continues to sell well.

Apple Said In Early Talks to Acquire Hulu

Hulu has been seeking a suitor for some time, and perhaps the streaming site has found one in Cupertino.

Nokia Needs a Windows Phone (Badly)

Nokia needs to jump on the smartphone ship, or it's going to miss the boat.

Study Casts Pirate Site Users in Good Light

Users of pirate sites on average buy more media content than those who do not use such sites, according to the study, validating the position that many supporters of these sites have argued.

T-Mobile Unveils New Unlimited Text, Data Plans

The plans debut July 24 and require a two-year contract agreement. Customers can choose the the amount of high-speed data they want to download in 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB increments.