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Twitter Brings Photo Sharing In House, Beefs Up Search

Twitter announces direct photo attachments for tweets; new Firefox add-on will allow you to search for Twitter user names and hashtags from the address bar.

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U.S. Government Says Cyber Attacks May Be Acts of War

The government is set to respond to virtual attacks with physical force.

Not Too Late for Microsoft Tablets

Analysis: Apple may dominate now, but some analysts expect Android and Windows to make serious inroads into tablet technology.

Android Windfall Leads to $150 Million Payday For Microsoft

Microsoft stands to make $5 on every Android sold in a patent infringement settlement with Google.

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Amazon Tackles Apple Again with Mac Download Store

Analysis: Amazon nudges Apple with Mac wares, promotes software that Apple's shop lacks.

Sean Parker Says Music Industry Will Rebound

It seems almost odd: the very man who has played a large part in the decline of an industry is now the one most bullish on its future prospects.

Microsoft Set to Show Off Windows for Tablets Next Week

Redmond expected to demo new tablet OS next week in California at the D9 conference and at the Taiwan COMPUTEX technology show.

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Napster Cofounder Says Music Industry Poised to Rebound

Sean Parker said that a 'bottom' was ahead for the music industry because of new services on the horizon.

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Spotify May Come to U.S. Shores Through Facebook

The European music service is reportedly partnering with Facebook.

French President Calls for More Regulated ‘Net

French president Nicolas Sarkozy tells attendees of the first-ever e-G8 forum that the Internet needs more regulation.

Hulu Plus Makes Its Way Onto TiVo Premiere DVRs

TiVo Premiere owners can now stream Hulu on their set-top boxes--providing they sign up for Hulu Plus.

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Google Doodle Depicts Child’s Dream of Life in Space

That's one lucky kid: A 7-year-old from California had his Doodle chosen to grace the Google.com homepage.

Google Intends to Resist Anti-Piracy Law Efforts

Google believes new law will limit free speech.

New Xbox Firmware Bricks Some Consoles, Microsoft Makes Amends

Xbox 360 bricked by the latest update? Microsoft will get you a new console.

Former Hacker Comments on How PSN Attack May Have Gone Down

Former hacker Kyle Adams says Sony was using an outdated version of Wordpress that may have left their network vulnerable.