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Apple's iPad Cannibalizes Mac Sales, Too

The iPad may be eating into Apple's laptop sales

Roku Adds Angry Birds, Improves Netflix Support

Roku has also added a new accessory for the next generation of its set-top entertainment player: a Wii-like Bluetooth motion remote accessory that allows for gameplay on the device.

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Google Works to Verify Google+ Celebrity Accounts

Search and social networking giant creating a system to make sure the celebrity on Google+ is actually a the celebrity.

News Corp. Hit By Multiple Hack Attacks: LulzSec Returns

News Corp. was hit by multiple hack attacks Monday with the LulzSec claiming responsibility.

Consumers Want iPhones, But They're Buying Android

A new ChangeWave survey shows more consumers want iPhones--but market-share data says more consumers are buying Android phones.

Developers Favoring iOS Over Android, Study Shows

Developers have moved back to making apps for iOS, a new study shows.

Google is Changing the Way You Think, Say Researchers

According to new research, search engines are changing human thought patterns.

Sony Previews S1 and S2 Tablets, Still No Release Date or Pricing

Sony revealed its S1 and S2 tablets in a limited press preview on Wednesday.

Concerns Over Facebook Stream Importer for Google+ Abound

Google+Facebook may be a security vulnerability waiting to happen.

Netflix to Raise Monthly Prices by as Much as 60 Percent

The company says the price increase and split between streaming video and renting DVDs is due to the costs of running its business while responding to subscriber requests for more flexible plans.

Philly Papers to Sell Android Tablets with Built-In Content

Two Philly newspapers plan to enter the digital age by selling discounted tablets.

Google+ Privacy: A Closer Look

Here are the three areas in which privacy issues with Google+ cause the most concern.

Verizon Claims a Third of iPhone 4s

Use of the device has increased steadily since its launch on the Verizon network in February.

Users Weigh in on Google+

Some with early access seem truly excited, but quite a few are either skeptical or dismissive of its impact in social networking.

Video Chat Will Never Take Off Until We Have Standards

No one wants to have several different windows open to communicate. And, in communication, interoperability is key.