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E3 2012: Nintendo Pins Hopes on Wii U and Games

Nintendo bets the farm on its next-gen Wii U console along with 23 games for the innovative new platform.

How to Download and Install the Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview

The latest fine-tuned beta version of Window 8 is now available for your testing pleasure. It's free.

Leaked iPhone Photos Show Bigger Screen, Aluminum Back

The purported photos depict a device with bigger speakers that will presumably improve sound quality, and the headphone jack moves to the bottom of the iPhone.

Move Over Instagram, Here Comes Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera is the social network's new mobile photo-sharing app for iOS.

Microsoft Office for iOS and Android May Arrive This Fall

Microsoft appears to be closing in on a release of Microsoft Office for both iOS and Android this fall, despite previous denials.


Facebook Gets Google Hangout-like Video Chat via ooVoo

Video chat service ooVoo bumps the number of participants in its free video conference calls from six to 12, and debuts a Facebook application that allows for 12-way video conferencing in high definition.

Awesome Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday of Robert Moog with Playable Synthesizer

Google honors the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, the father of the modern electronic synthesizer, with what quite possibly is its most elaborate doodle yet -- a working Moog synthesizer.

Sidecar Smartphone App: Share Data While Making a Phone Call

When using the Sidecar app for Android- or iOS-based phones, users can share video, photos, location, and contact information while making a phone call.

Facebook IPO Madness: Own a Piece of the Giant Social Network

Not a wheeler-dealer? You still can own some Facebook stock if you really want to. Here's how.

Google Knowledge Graph: Keeping Your Eyes (and Clicks) on Google

All search engines thrive on advertising, and the longer your eyes stay on the search engine itself, the more likely it is that you will click on an ad.

Google+: No Comments?

More than 100 million folks signed up for Google+ but is anyone posting anything?

Siri Says Nokia Lumia 900, Not Apple iPhone, Is The Best Smartphone Ever

Does Apple's voice recognition service know who pays the bills?

Facebook Facial Recognition: A New Take on it Via the Klik App

In our tests, we found the Klik facial recognition to be creepily accurate, although the photo needs to be pretty clear.

Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Works of Art on Canvas

Instacanv.as will print your Instagram photos on high-quality canvas to hang on your wall.

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Nokia Lumia Gets Exclusive Apps; Is Windows Phone Fragmentation Next?

Are exclusive apps the right thing to do, and is this the beginning of Windows Phone fragmentation?