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Google's Project Glass Eyewear: Next Big Google Flop or Hit?

Google dazzles our imagination with its augmented reality glasses, but could the Internet behemoth have a diamond or a dud on its hands?

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Nokia Lumia 900 vs. The Competition: Spec Showdown

How does Nokia's $99 Lumia 900 match up against its competitors?

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Amazon Dominates Google in App Revenue: Thank Apple?

Amazon trounces Google when it comes to app revenue because it makes buying apps a breeze--something it learned from Apple.

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Mac OS Dwindles in Importance to Apple

Analysis: iOS, already a larger share of Web traffic than Macs, will only grow as Apple builds on its strengths in mobile devices.

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Google's Dickens Doodle Gives Google Books Top Billing

Google celebrates 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens' birth. ‎

Who's the Smartphone OS Crash Champion?

Analysis: Apple claims its iOS is more stable, and Android gets the rap for crashes -- but a research report reveals the truth.


Facebook Pumps Up the Volume with 'Listen with' Feature

The feature allows you to hear music your friend is listening to at the exact same point, essentially allowing your friend to play DJ.

Kodak Rumored to be on the Verge of Bankruptcy

It appears the company needs about $1 billion to stay afloat, according to reports.

Google+ May Top 400 Million Users in 2012

The popularity of Android could be behind the surging numbers of Google+.

Twitter to Sell Political Advertising

Twitter has promised that it will not insert ads within a user’s timeline, a new advertising option that it has been experimenting with over the past few months.

Google Bought Motorola for the Hardware, After All

Google didn't drop $12.5 billion just for patents...

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Did Apple Really Lose Another iPhone?

Or did they just leak some juicy tidbits to the press?

Sprint Hiking Early Termination Fees for Smartphones

Sprint is against AT&T's merger with T-Mobile because it says it'll raise prices for consumers. But Sprint has no issues with raising prices for consumers.

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Why Google+ Really Wants You to Use Your Real Name

Does Google want you to use your real name because it needs that information for future efforts that are based on your identity? We think so.

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Irene Wreaks Havoc on East Coast Communications

Some of the affected regions report lost or spotty cell phone signals, impairing the spread of emergency information.