5 Great Technology Bargains

When you're strapped for cash for a can't-avoid-it purchase, sometimes it's worth sacrificing a few frills. We zeroed in on a desktop, a laptop, an inkjet printer, a camera, and an HDTV. Each represents a great value in its category.

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Best Products of CES 2009: Let Us Introduce You

From robots to new ways to share TV to Palm's hot Pre phone to colorful camcorders, we've scoured Las Vegas for the best of the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.

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CES 2009: Picks and Pans From the Show Floor

We've prowled the halls and populated the press conferences of the big Vegas technology show, trolling for news. Come review with us now the ecstasy of innovation and the agony of fail.

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CES 2009: Some Gadgets Missed the Mark

We wonder who's going to want bad Wii wannabes, a zillion iPhone cases, out-of-date MP3 players, e-cigarettes, and other oddities that we found at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show.

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10 Holiday Tech Shopping Guides: PC World Editors' Choices

Why spend time searching for good tech gifts when we've already done all the work for you?

Techlog: The Specsploitation Game and How to Beat It

Don’t be fooled: The product features and specs that vendors and retailers push aren't necessarily the ones that really count.

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PC World Downloads Have Been Revamped and Improved

We've redesigned the Downloads section of PCWorld.com to make it simpler to find the software you want with better search tools, more user reviews and easier navigation.

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New Sources of Business Intelligence

Blogs, wikis, and community forums can help companies prosper and bloom--or lead them to disaster.


Though other apps provide more-expansive security, DropMyRights gives you simple yet effective protection against malware by limiting user rights-and it works with any program.

The 25 Greatest PCs of All Time

The IBM PC is 25. And here are the top PCs ever, from machines you owned and loved to systems you've never heard of.

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Recycle Your Hard Drive

TrayDock lets you turn an old internal drive into an external one perfect for backups.