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What it's like to ride in a self-driving car

Hands off the wheel at 65 mph: In 2025, this could be your commute.

Elon Musk

Tesla will launch electric car battery swap network

The company will build battery pack swap stations on the West Coast between LA and San Francisco, and between Boston and Washington D.C. in the east.

Six new car technologies that will simplify your life

Here are six new car technologies that might not be offered on all vehicles. At the very least, however, this list can serve as a glimpse into the future of some cool, make-it-simple car technologies.

Tesla CEO Musk tweets driverless cars "still a few years from production"

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk says his electric-car company has had discussions with Google about autonomous driving technology, but tweeted Tuesday that self-driving Tesla cars are "still a few years from production."

Car CD Player

Why the in-dash CD player's days are numbered

With the rising popularity of digital music and streaming services, some automakers are starting to leave CD players out of cars.

Ignition interlock for phones curbs distracted driving

A new ignition-interlock system prevents a car from starting until the cell phone is secured in its docking station.

Top 5 Things Your Car Knows About You

A modern car with Bluetooth, navigation and an event data recorder is capable of knowing where you've been, who you've called and whether you're wearing your seatbelt.

The techiest cars of 2013

Edmunds.com and PCWorld/TechHive take a close look at this year's models, and pick the ones that make the best (or most interesting) use of technology inside the car.

Best high-tech family sedan: Toyota Avalon

Toyota has added lots of tech to this luxury sedan, in an obvious effort to attract a younger crowd.

Techiest cars: Honorable mentions

The Lexus LS 460, the Ford Focus Electric, the Honda Odyssey, the Scion tC, and Ford's Super Duty trucks round out our list of the techiest cars of 2013.

Best all-electric high-tech car: Tesla Model S

The Model S has not one but two Nvidia-powered screens, natural voice controls, and, of course, an all-electric powertrain.

Most controversial: Cadillac ATS

Offering an all-touch user interface for the infotainment system is a bold step, but the concept doesn't cut it in real driving conditions.

Best high-tech car for mom: Infiniti JX35

The JX35’s biggest strength is its multitude of options for controlling the car’s infotainment system.

Best overall high-tech car: The Audi A8

Audi does an impressive job of combining elegant luxury and advanced tech in the A8.

A car with a built-in vacuum: duh, finally!

The daughter of a Honda engineer suggested it, and viola! it appears in a new minivan announced ahead of the New York Auto Show kicking off this week.