Kiss Your Cable Bill Goodbye With These HDTV Antennas

Forget rabbit ears: A new breed of stylish TV antennas deliver a great picture without dominating your living room. We tried five good options.


Want Siri on Your Android Phone? Try These Apps

The Android Market has lots of Siri-like voice-activated assistant apps (most of them free) that use Google’s excellent voice recognition system. They’re not as slick as Apple’s virtual flunky, but some are worth trying.


Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple

Jobs will stay on as chairman of the board. Apple chooses chief operating officer Tim Cook as his successor.

Can Google+ be the Next Facebook -- and the Next Twitter?

Google's social network has elements of both Facebook and Twitter (and maybe even Tumblr, too). But will that versatility be powerful or confusing?

Sonos Releases Smaller, Cheaper All-in-One Sound System

Play:3 is about one- third the size and $100 less than the company's first all-in-one device.


In Defense of Netflix

This price change may be too much, but we should hold off on the vitriol -- Netflix has consistently been a bargain and one of the most customer-friendly services on the Web.

PlayLater Pulls Streaming Video Off the Web So You Can Watch It Later

The beta subscription service will record video from Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and other sources.


Pogoplug Software Streams Files (Poorly) to Mobile Devices

The maker of Pogoplug hardware is offering a free download to stream music, movies and more to other PCs and mobile devices.

Pokki Brings Smartphone-style Apps to Your Desktop

Software platform will help developers build and distribute lightweight desktop apps based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

Flixlab Provides Fast, Simple Video Editing on Your Phone

Got video clips that never make it off your cell? Flixlab will put them together into a short movie you can share.

Asus U36JC Laptop Review: Ultraportable Has Good Power and Features, but Little Polish

If you're more interested in power and features than in polish, this ultraportable laptop could be a good choice.

Microsoft Buys Skype, New Android Versions, and the Scoop From Google I/O on PCWorld Podcast #113

Learn about Android Ice Cream Sandwich, as well what it's like to use Google Music Beta, and what we think of Android @Home. And what will Microsoft do with Skype?


Graphics testing, Blackberry PlayBook, and Digital Privacy on PCWorld Podcast #112

Alex Wawro discusses some of the interesting graphics projects going on in the PCWorld Labs, while Ed Albro discusses the pros and cons of the BlackBerry PlayBook and other non-iPad tablets. We also discuss whether or not Apple is tracking your location, and go over the EFF's privacy scorecard.


Will the iPad be as Unbeatable as the iPod?

Remember how well all those “iPod-killers” worked out? The same fate may befall the PlayBook, Xoom, and other competitors to Apple’s tablet.


Unboxing the iPad 2 and Smart Cover

Take a look as we rip open the packaging on Apple's new tablet and the magnetic Smart Cover.