Google CR-48: First Look at the First Chrome OS Laptop

Google’s prototype Chrome OS computer delivers little more than the company’s browser in a box.


Google CR-48: Unboxed and Started Up

Curious about the first laptop to run Chrome OS? We got one today and we'll show you in video what it looks like.


Wikileaks and Top Tech Stories of 2010 on PCWorld Podcast #100

PCWorld editors discuss great moments in Wikileaks history and the future of the service on the 100th episode of our podcast.


Beta Watch: Bizzy and DooID

Apps for local recommendations and controlled sharing.

Live Video: Facebook Mobile Event

Is Mark Zuckerberg set to announce a Facebook Phone? Find out immediately with this live video feed from the event.


Beta Watch: EmailOracle, FriendShuffle, Storify

Track whether e-mail recipients open your messages. Plus: Easily view sites that your social network pals recommend, and assemble bits and pieces from the Web into a 'found blog'.

Early Windows Phone 7 Apps Mimic the OS

The first apps look great, but they may force you to do more scrolling and swiping than you'd like.


Orb MP-1: A Cheaper Approach to Music Streaming

At just $69, this hockey-puck-size music device provides an inexpensive and convenient way to get digital music around your house.


Google Yields to the Haters of Gmail’s Conversation View

You now have the option to turn off threaded conversations in Gmail.

Beta Watch: Bitbop, Trailmeme, Cyncz

Enjoy TV episodes on your Android or BlackBerry phone, guide people around the Web, and keep your contact lists in order across devices.

What's Important in Your Inbox? Gmail Thinks It Knows

Priority Inbox aims to put your key emails at the top of your inbox so you can more easily find them.

Beta Watch: Chrome to Phone, Ranker, Gantto

A simple extension helps you transfer data to an Android handset. Plus: Make your own Top 10 lists, and track projects step-by-step.


Mindjet MindManager 9: Great for Project Managers, Others Have Little Need to Upgrade

The latest version of this mind-mapping software creates Gantt charts from your maps. But there's little else compelling in this update.

Beta Watch: DataInherit,,

This month, we look at a virtual safe deposit box, a personal Website service, and a site for long-form journalism.

Music Compression Test: How Good Are Your Ears?

Can you tell the difference between music samples compressed at different quality levels? Test your ears with our quiz and compare your impressions with those of other readers.