5 Things You’ll Actually Like About the New Hotmail

Microsoft will launch an update of its e-mail service this summer with some innovative and useful features.

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Could Dropbox Become the Mobile Web's File Management System?

Mobile app developers can now build in support for this cloud-based storage and syncing service.

Lenovo ThinkPad X100e: Powerful, High-Resolution Netbook with Anemic Battery Life

This business-oriented laptop is faster than many other netbooks, but it's also pricey and needs frequent charging.

No Second Coming: Apple’s iPad Just a Big iPod Touch

First Impressions: All the hype in the world won't propel this tablet onto the best-seller lists.

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New Sonos All-in-One Music Player Sounds Great, Approaches Affordability

At $399, with built-in speakers and great sound, the ZonePlayer S5 network music system is a good deal, but its setup may pose problems for you.

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IHome Audio IP1

Over the past few years, most of us have made a musical sacrifice: We've switched from listening to CDs to listening to MP3 files, and in the process we've lost...

iHome iP1 iPod Dock

The iP1 iPod dock aims to restore what compression has robbed from your music, but it suffers from some sound flaws.

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Beta Watch: Gist, TweetMixx, TwoFoods

This month's betas: an e-mail analyzer, a tweet synthesizer, and a food-comparison engine.

Beta Watch: RoboForm Online, FanSnap, LocateTV

This month's betas: a Web-based password manager, a ticket-service aggregator, and an online TV guide.

Sonos CR200 Controller

The new remote for this high-end digital music system is smaller, but with a better screen and easier navigation.

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Beta Watch: Shareflow, TweetPsych, FriendShopper

This month's betas: 'flowing' collaborations, profiling your tweets, and e-shopping apart.

Is Google Wave the Solution to Social Network Over-Sharing?

The new communication platform could be a good way to share things with only the right people.

Google's Brin: 'Don't Give Up, Newspapers!'

If Google found a way to make money from search results, newspapers should be able to make money off their content as well, says Sergey Brin.

Netflix: Now This is Customer Service!

After a glitch in the site's Instant Watching service, they contacted me to offer a discount.

New Google Search Options Let You Filter and View Results in New Ways

New tools make it easier to find the latest news about a topic, search forums, find reviews or even browse results in new ways.