I Am Not Smart Enough for Wolfram Alpha

The quasi-search engine offers results that can be incredibly deep and interesting, but also obscure.

Beyond Flowers: The Best Tech Gadgets for Mother’s Day

We know, Mom. We don’t have to get you anything. You don’t want to be a bother. But you wouldn’t turn down a fashionable netbook, a top-notch camera, or a cool music player, right?

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Beta Watch: Jinni, Producteev, and PocketMeeting

We look at a video recommendation service, a project manager, and a service for sharing your computer screen with colleagues far away.

Google News Timeline: A Glorious, Intriguing Time Sink

Want to know what happened each month in 1424? Google's new search tool can tell you.

10 Cool New Technologies You Need to Check Out

Instant-on access for any PC. A netbook with a detachable screen. And a cheaper way to get out from under your home mortgage. These and other creative Web services, software and hardware were introduced at the DEMO 09 conference.

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10 New Ways to Discover What You Need on the Web

These new sites and services try to read your mind and the minds of other Web users to bring you exactly the information you want.

Demo 09: New Tech Products Battle for Recognition

We look over this year's crop of hopefuls at the annual Demo conference and evaluate their chances for breakout status in the tech sector.

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DEMO 09: Netbook with Detachable Screen and Half-Day Battery Life

Developers of the Touch Book say it can operate like a netbook or like a tablet PC.

DEMO 09: CCBetty Makes Any Email into an Online Message Board

Web service creates a discussion thread from an email with storage for photos, videos and more.

DEMO 09: Home-Account is Trying to Replace Your Mortgage Broker

New Web service tries to match home owners with banks to make it easier to finance a home.

DEMO 09: This Year's Innovation: We've Got a Business Model!

This spring's DEMO conference has many fewer companies and a smaller audience.

Beta Watch: Onehub, Lovely Charts, Trackle

This month we look at an online collaboration tool, a flowchart creator, and an alerts service.

How to Leave Your Lover, Web 2.0 Style

Breaking up with someone can be awkward. Can Web 2.0 tools like Twitter and YouTube help? You bet!

Can Google Really Tell Which of Your E-mails are Interesting?

The company says it analyzes the worth of your messages to figure out which ones to store for offline viewing. But I'm unconvinced.

Offline Gmail is Almost Like the Real Thing

System for accessing email without a net connection works in your browser, syncs thousands of messages.