Elizabeth FishContributor, PCWorld

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

LED Top Hat Makes You the Fanciest Gent at the Party

Elaborate geeks pay attention! Glam up for your next (in)formal affair with this multicolored top hat.

Never Miss Another Meeting With This iPad Telepresence Robot

This iPad-based robot is useful for making sure you’re at work wherever you are, and is also pretty handy so sneaking up on staff.

This Replica Skeeball Machine Is the Best Use of K’Nex Ever

When you see this working Skeeball machine made out of nothing but K’nex and a few rubber bands, you’ll be both awe-stricken and ashamed of your own projects.

NASA’s Project Morpheus Crash Lands During Test, Creates Incredible Explosions

Not all weeks can be perfect. After the success of the Mars Rover, NASA hit a slight bump with the crash landing of Project Morpheus.

3D Printer Makes Intricate Sand Castles, Wins All the Sand Castle Competitions

This 3D-printing robot uses sand and soil to create elegant sculptures that are impressive and sturdy enough to display without them crumbling instantly.

Take That, Google Earth: This 3D Map Pinpoints All Known Galaxies and Black Holes

Are road maps too mundane for you? Try working your way through this massive data map of the sky instead.

All Your Webs Belong To Cats: Meowbify Decorates Websites With Felines

Feel there still aren’t enough cats on the web? Transform your favourite websites into kitty-havens with Meowbify.

YouTube disappears from iOS 6, but it's good for users

No YouTube app, no cry. Here's why the removal of the iOS YouTube app is a blessing in disguise for users.

Never Come Home to Empty Cupboards Again With This Virtual Grocery Store

You'll never forget to pick up the milk after a trip again with virtual grocery stores in airport departure lounges.

This Is Real: Sheep Send Text Messages to Warn Shepherds of Wolf Attacks

Never fall for the boy who cried wolf again: This specially designed collar can detect if a wolf is about to attack livestock--and repel it, too.

Someone Shoved an SNES Into a Coffee Maker

Why reach for the coffee when you can game instead? Check out this sweet father-son project.

Put an Old Phone to Good Use--Make it a Lego NXT Telepresence Robot

Turn your old Android phone into a smart security system controlled remotely, with a little bit of help from Lego.

As CyanogenMod 9 Rolls Out, Snapdragon S1 Devices Miss Out

CyanogenMod root options are now available for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, but those with Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 processors miss out on the fun.

Photographer Brings Instagram's Filters To Photoshop and Aperture

Hipsters, rejoice! You can now get all the retro-effect Instagram filters in a handy preset for your favorite imaging software.

This Arduino Hack Makes Reading RSS Feeds More Fun

Want to check your RSS at a glance? An Arduino-based project might be able to help you.