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Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

Internet Map visualizes links between top websites

This incredible interactive map visualizes millions of websites, and how people browse the internet between both countries and content.

Wi-Fi-Extending Robot Sniffs Out Wireless Networks, Is Built Like a Tank

Frustrated about poor Wi-Fi signal? Perhaps you need a robot that not only finds better connections, but can also (literally) run stuff over.

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Pixar Image Computer Appears on eBay, Might Require a Lottery Win

If you have a penchant for vintage computers or animated movies, perhaps you should bag this piece of Pixar history...provided you have over $15,000 to spare.

Ben Heck Creates Portable, Autonomous 3D Printer, Makes DIY Community Jealous

If you want a 3D printer but are short on space, check out Ben Heck's 3D-printer-in-a-briefcase.

Android app piracy convinces developer to offer Dead Trigger for free

One developer's app falls victim to serious app piracy. Should app developers pay closer attention to piracy?

iOS travel guides help Olympic visitors navigate London

The Olympic torch is about to be lit in London. If you're heading across the Atlantic to watch the Games in person, we look at some apps that might be able to help you find your way around town.

NASA Scopes Out Another Exoplanet That's Two-Thirds the Size of Earth

A lesser-known NASA telescope made an interesting discovery--an exoplanet that's smaller than Earth, and not so far way.

Kinects Used to Film Music Video to the Delight of Geeks, Hipsters Everywhere

Indie band The Maccabes earns major geek cred by filming its latest music video with Microsoft's Kinect.

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Facecats Chrome Extension Turns Your Facebook Friends Into Kittehs

This slightly ridiculous Chrome extension replaces photos on Facebook with pictures of cats. It might actually make Facebook more useful.

Beam Me Up? Scientists Fire the Most Powerful Freakin' Laser Beam Ever

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently fired a laser capable of outputting 500 trillion watts of power. Yikes.

GPS Dog Collar Guilts You Into Taking Fido on More Walks

Need to put your pooch on a weight-loss regimen? This GPS-equipped dog collar will help your dog meet its fitness goals.

Robotic Cardboard Claw Project Makes Chores Less Straining (and More Fun)

Bring more technology into your household tasks with this crane-like cardboard arm--it could also serve you some cool camera effects too.

These Kinect-Style Augmented Reality Goggles Can Land You a Date (But Not a Real One)

Feeling lonely? This augmented reality project gives you a companion that will react to touch and your movements.

Robotic Legs Can Walk Like a Human, Could Teach People to Walk Again

A pair of robotic legs can walk exactly the way a human being does. While this could help robots take over, it is actually beneficial to people.

A Dream Come True? Life-Size Lego Flora Sprouts in a Desert

Check out why giant Lego trees and flowers are growing in the Australian Outback. No, it's not because someone planted Lego bricks in the sand...