Elizabeth FishContributor, TechHive

Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

This computer in a briefcase gives new meaning to the term 'casemod'

Who needs a typical computer case when you can just cram it all into a suitcase instead? (Don't answer that.)

Drexel University's MacBook vending machine lets you keep your laptop at home

What if you could borrow a laptop to use for just one class? A new vending machine at Drexel University could let you do just that.

DIY rainbow lamp brightens up your home; pot of gold not included

Make your own fancy multi-colored lamp with a strip of LEDs and a microcontroller.

This Portal birthday cake is no lie, has nothing to do with CES

Why bake normal cakes when you could have a Portal one instead?

Turn your iPad mini into a dashboard console screen with this hack

Be the envy of your motorhead friends and put your iPad Mini in your car’s dashboard.

AR Tardis

Augmented reality mini TARDIS is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside

Make your Doctor Who TARDIS cooler than the average fan merchandise with a custom app and augmented reality.

What could possibly go wrong when dogs drive cars? (and other stuff you missed)

Want to see an abandoned dog learn a new trick that’s better than anything your dog can do? Or maybe you want to crack out some cool Christmas tricks on your iPad? You're in luck: We have both in today’s edition of GeekBytes.

3D printer cookies

3D-printed Christmas cookies help make the holidays geekier

True story: the best way to a geek's heart is through their stomach, by making cookies with a 3D printer.

Z-1 NASA Space Suit

NASA's space suit prototype will take us to infinity...and beyond

NASA just finished testing a new space suit. Although it looks a lot like a suit you may have seen before...

Astronomers find potentially habitable planet; we might need it for Friday

Scientists studying a star found its planetary system, complete with a potential habitable planet. There might not be enough time to pack before Friday though.

Pretend to be a unicycle pro with this self-balancing single-wheeled contraption

It’s difficult to not be jealous of those people who can ride a unicycle about town with ease. If you never mastered the art of the unicycle, though, you could just make something like Nick Thatcher’s Raptor.

iPad-powered Christmas sweater is more geeky than ugly

If you’re going to wear a Christmas sweater, you may as well go all out and add your iPad to the front!

Get a second chance at stargazing with the Geminid Meteor Shower

If you're up for a bit of stargazing, this week is your lucky week! Geminid Meteor Shower is on its way and looks great.

Arduino Esplora

Arduino Esplora gives you a handle on game-based hardware modding

If you want to play with an Arduino board, without the hassle of extra soldering and locating parts, check out the Arduino Esplora.