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Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

Gamer Builds Ultimate Starcraft Keyboard Mod; Gaming World Looks in Envy

Ever wanted to know how a Starcraft II pro-gaming keyboard would look? Check out this impressive mod.

Arduino and LEDs Help You Give Everyone the Look of Disapproval

Want to really give someone a good glare? Let this Arduino project show you how to make a variety of scathing emoticons from LEDs.

This 737-800 Flight Simulator Can Take You Anywhere (Sort Of)

Where would you go with a Boeing simulator, complete with genuine parts, in your back garden?

Sith? Jedi? This Color-Changing Lightsaber Lets You Be Both!

Can't decide on your destiny? Choose all the Jedi and Sith colors with this DIY lightsaber.

How Many Lego Bricks Would It Take to Build a House? This Calculator Knows

If you're thinking big for your next Lego project, Lego My House will calculate how many bricks you would need to build an actual house.

Robotics Starter Kit Helps You Build Your First Bot, Just Needs Your Code (And Funding)

Need a bit of help coming to grips with the hardware element of your robotics endeavor? Let this Kickstarter project help you!

Nixie Tube Chess Set Makes for a Visually Stunning Game

Checkmate! Make your game of chess more interesting with a few Nixie tubes and some clever circuitry.

App Player Lets You Run Android Apps on a Mac, Weirdest Pairing Ever?

BlueStacks is teaming up with a number of developers to bring Android Apps to the Mac, so you can have the best of both worlds.

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Casemod Turns Your Desk Into a PC, Looks Stellar

This clever casemod looks like it costs thousands of dollars to make. It actually only required some plywood and a few extras.

iPad-Controlled LED Wall Display Will Leave You Mesmerized

Improve (?) your home's decor with this tablet-controlled, music responsive, interactive LED display unit.

Celebrate Alan Turing's Birthday and Check Out the Lego Turing Machine

A pair of researchers have constructed a working Turing Machine out of Lego, just in time for the mathematician's birthday.

Astronomers Find Planetary "Odd Couple," Prove That Opposites Attract

The Kepler telescope just keeps discovering fascinating planets--this time, it found two very close planets. How cute.

Can 3D printing make it into the mainstream?

3D printing is on the brink of great things, but the technology faces a few legal and usability challenges. Here's an overview of the state of 3D printing right now and in the near future.

Success! iOS 6 Beta Jailbreak Here, But Only for A4 iPhone and iPod Touch

An official jailbreak for iOS 6 is finally here! However, it does have a few flaws, and still lacks Cydia.

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3D Imaging and Freakin' Lasers Help Slicer Cut Meat With Precision

Forget lasers on sharks; this meat slicer uses lasers to measure meat and prepare it for slicing.