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Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

Blast From The Past: Nook Touch Hacked to Run Mac OS 7

Missing the old Macintosh software you grew up with? Now you can use it again--on your touchscreen tablet.

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3D Maps in iOS 6 Hacked to Run on iPhone 4, Doesn't Need Cydia

Now an iOS 6 jailbreak is established, other developers are enabling all kinds of features, like 3D mapping on an iPhone 4.

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Live in a Mario Level With This 15-Foot-Long Poster

Plaster you wall in the pixelated world of Mario with this very long poster that displays a whole level from the original Super Mario Bros. game.

This Is What a Portal Gun Looks Like in Real Life--Sort Of

Love the game Portal? Then you really need to watch the gun in action around a typical home.

Madness! This Hack Lets iOS Apps Run on a Playbook

If you want to make your BlackBerry Playbook a bit more useful, a mod like this would certainly put the "fun" in functionality.

iOS 6 Already Gets Jailbreak Treatment, Not Ready For Public Beta Just Yet

It's only been available for developers for a day, but the latest iOS software instalment is already jailbroken.

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iPhone Whale Emoticon Pillow Is Cuter Than the Fail Whale

Looking for a household accessory which will demonstrate your geek cred? Check out the iPhone "message whale" pillow.

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Never Lose Your Keys Again With the Kinsight Kinect Hack

If you constantly lose your stuff, it's time to deploy a Kinect hack to find those items for you, no matter how buried in the couch they are!

Pingbot Might Be Tiny, But It'll Beat You in a Dance-Off

This little gadget will dance, play music, and flash its lights. It's also really cute, and you can make one, too!

Channel 'Minority Report' With Arduino Motion Control Glove for Kinect

Don't want to reach for your remote when watching a movie on the Xbox, but the Kinect is too tricky to use? Mod a glove for better control!

It's Finally Here! Lego Minecraft Set Now Available for Purchase

Finally, a set created by a large community of Minecraft and Lego fans is available to buy from the Lego store. Also, it's awesome.

Arduino Helps Monitor Your Plants, Nurtures Your Precious Saplings

Feel like you can’t give your new plants all the attention they deserve? Let Arduino help you.

Biology Meets Typography With DNA Sans

Typography fans, rejoice: Here’s a really fascinating new font, created entirely out of DNA tiles

Five Fun and Geeky Alternatives to Instagram

Is Instagram too mainstream for you? Check out five alternatives for the geek that loves their photo filters.

Robot Camera Films Underwater, Streams Discoveries to Your iPad

The HydroView underwater robot is controlled with an iPad and streams video to your tablet.