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Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

Shoulder-Sitting Robot Means You’ll Never Be Alone Again

Feeling lonely? Let this telepresence robot be your friend--quite literally.

NES Mod Lets You Play Classic Games On Your Smartphone

This mod allows you to connect your NES console and phone together using Bluetooth and Arduino. Let the games begin!

Geek Must-Have: Ladyada's Workshop Embodied In Lego

You may never be able to have Ladyada's workshop, but support this project on Lego Cuusoo, and you can at least have a toy representation of it.

This 2D Mario Game Shows Why Stop-Motion Is So Cool

One high school student decided to recreate Mario out pieces of paper, using stop motion. The result is pretty impressive.

QR Code Relies On Sunlight to Deliver Deals, Makes QR Codes Slightly Less Useless

Think QR codes are a little lame? One Korean supermarket has figured out a way of making them cool and good for business.

Feeling Lazy? Let Android and Arduino Stir Your Pots Instead

Why make a meal yourself when you could create a gadget to do it instead? Ben Heck made a clever mod capable of stirring pots.

Robofish Detects Sea Pollution and Protects Real Marine Life, Is a Freaking Robot

Check out this robot, made to fish out (get it?) pollution in the ocean or ports. It also gives bloggers an excuse to make really bad puns.

Juggling Robot Does Tricks, Is Cooler Than Your Typical Clown

If you think your juggling tricks are impressive, think again. This robotic arm nails it using just one hand.

Street Tweeter Lets You Print Your G8 Summit Message on Roads

If Twitter is your chosen platform for airing opinions on political matters, this robot will help you get your message out literally in front of the White House.

Student With Rare Illness Attends Normal Classes Thanks to a Telepresence Robot

This remote presence robot shows how technology can help people in the most difficult of positions lead a more normal life.

Glove Turns Sign Language Into Spoken Letters, Opens Up Communication

Finally, technology could help people learn sign language effectively, thanks to a glove covered in sensors.

This Instagram Camera Must Become A Reality

So this Instagram camera and internal printer may not exist yet, but we sure wish it did!

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Cellphone Glove Brings Us One Step Closer to Being Iron Man

Wish using your phone could be made even more convenient on the move? Check out this glove that’s actually a phone.

This DIY Tesla Gun Must Be The Deadliest Weapon Ever

What happens when you cross Tesla coils, a mad scientist and a dash of steampunk? A weapon you could only image in a video game, brought to life!

3D-Print This Cool Tilt Shift Camera Lens Adapter

Need a new lens for a project but short on cash? Let the power of 3D printing help you create your own!

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