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Elizabeth Fish is a freelance writer who happens to run a hyperlocal news website in Lincoln, UK. She also covers all things geeky for TechHive.

Passive Play: How an App Could Help Parents Connect With Autistic Kids

A college student's project focused on connecting with autistic children shows that there really is an app for everything.

Awkward Robot Craves Your Attention, Mimics Your Expressions

Some robots just want to be loved. Just like this one, which will follow you around and copy your face to get you interacting.

New Best Friend? DIY R2-D2 Helps You Make Coffee

Looking for a loyal assistant to serve you a coffee fix while you work? Try modding your coffee machine to be R2-D2!

iOS 5.1.1 Released; Redsn0w Protects Your Jailbreak

Worried iOS 5.1.1 would ruin your jailbroken iOS gadget? Fear not, because the current Redsn0w tool has it covered.

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These Lego Wigs Will Certainly Give You That Geek Chic Look

Want a quirky new look? How about swapping human hair for Lego bricks? Yes, you read that right...

Hands On: Is Pinwheel the visual Foursquare?

Currently in invitation-only beta, Pinwheel is a new service that lets you share notes about your favorite places with others. But does it stand out from other location-based services?

Be Very Afraid: Sharks Now Come Equipped With Freakin' Lasers

It looks like the deadliest creature in the world has come to be--meet the shark with a laser attached to its head!

MITris: You Too Can Turn a Building Into a Giant Tetris Game

The team of MIT tinkerers who turned a campus building into a giant Tetris game just released the code for you to enjoy. Hooray!

Plush Space Shuttle Makes You a Bedroom Astronaut

Any self-respecting fan of NASA would love to cuddle up to one of these space shuttle stuffed toys, right?

Forever Alones Beware: Game Controller Uses Kisses to Steer

Pucker Up! This controller mod makes you kiss to play the game, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "multiplayer."

Giant Space Invaders Turns a Building Into an Arcade Game

This huge version of the classic Space Invaders proves playing the game on an arcade machine is for chumps--this one scales a building!

CAT-AT Luxury Kitteh Condo Is Every Geek's Dream Feline Accessory

What do you get if you cross kitteh accessories with Star Wars? Your cat's dream chillout zone, plus an awesome AT-AT model.

This DIY Camera Takes Short Stories, Not Pictures

Ever wished your camera could describe the scene, not just photograph it? This camera will print out a text description rather than an image.

Sourcemap Traces Where Your Stuff Is Made, Can't Trace the Internet

Ever wanted to know more about products before they hit the shelves? A data mapping website hopes to give you more insight and to encourage companies to adopt more sustainable practices.

MIT Building Becomes Playable Tetris Board (And It Looks Amazing)

A team of hackers at MIT turned an entire building into one giant Tetris game. Video after the jump...